Druid Ring Locations

These are the functional druid rings currently in Norrath. Druids can open portals to these locations once they have done the quest for that location.

Stepping into the portal cast by the druid will transport the player to the druid ring but only if the player has already travelled to the ring and harvested the Blessed Shrubbery growing there. A player can not use a portal to a druid ring until he has harvested the shrubbery for that portal.

There are additional druid rings which do not have Blessed Shrubbery growing in the middle of the ring. They are not functional druid rings and there is no method at this time to transport to them.

For druids to receive these portal spells, they must first travel to the ring to harvest the shrubbery. Then they need to speak to a Portal Trainer to gain the spell to open the portal to that location. Portal trainers can be found in Greater Faydark, North Qeynos and North Freeport.

Zone loc Nearby Point of Interest
Antonica -2200,-24,-690 Windstalker Village
Butcherblock 0,180,560 Lesser Faydark zone
Commonlands 680,-60,-100 Nektolus Griffon Tower
Darklight Woods 680,-60,-100 The Harrowglade
Greater Faydark 153,-50,262 Tunare’s Sapling
Kunzar Jungle -151,2,84 Abandoned Village
Kylong Plains 1618,458,-803 Keren’s Grasp
Moors of Ykesha 1757,448,978 Dropship Landing Zone
Steamfont 20,90,1280 Western crater