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MMORPG Info Logo A Blast from the Past: Burned Woods

I never get tired of this one.

It has come to my attention that there are people who do not know the story of Burned Woods.

The important thing to know is that there was a zone called Burning Woods, which was a part of Kunark in EQ1.

It took some time to find the original Burned Woods post as it appeared on the EQNecro forums. The original thread got destroyed in a forum update and I found various versions floating around that are not quite what I remember from the original version. Most seem to have the language cleaned up which – considering he bleeped out 90% of the swearing in the original, struck me as unnecessary. The easy-to-find online version seems to replace “a$$” with Halfling which is totally bizarre.

Luckily, I did find the original eventually – on our guild forums. I should have looked there first. 🙂

This was originally was posted to EQNecros and the follow-up (by someone else) appeared on the thread about a week later.

So there I was…..minding my own business in The Overthere, when all of a sudden I see the message: “d00d sow plz”.
Of course, my natural instinct was not to answer, since I thought the clueless newb (hereafter referred to politely as “the petitioner”) must have been poorly informed at best.

Boy was I ever wrong. [More…]