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Lifeguard is a new docudrama premiering on Thursday, Feb 23 on the Weather Channel.

Lifeguards work outside and are at the mercy of weather conditions. Even good weather can create difficult conditions as the beaches become crowded with swimmers and surfers. It’s certainly never “just another day at the beach.” That is what made the Weather Channel decide to premiere a special series to highlight the experiences of these brave life-savers.

Lifeguard! is an original reality show filmed on the Southern California beaches stretching from Malibu to San Diego. This is a real-life Baywatch showcasing the most beautiful coastline in the country.

This unscripted series features the real challenges that So Cal lifeguards face on a daily basis, including rip-currents, cliff divers, bombs on a boat and even a Great White Shark. The trailer on the Lifeguard website includes the dramatic true story of a 17-year-old who was trapped under 6 feet of sand after his tunnel collapsed.

The website also includes the biographies of the featured lifeguards for each episode, whose credentials are a lot more impressive than just a suntan.

You can see the full Episode Guide for a taster of what is to come. This original reality show premiering next week looks like a winner.


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