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It’s the end of another year and what a wonderful year it has been for gaming. From another epic Elder Scrolls adventure, the latest instalment to the Zelda series, Batman’s adventures in Arkham City, the rise and fall of Deathwing to the release of the new Star Wars MMORPG we’ve been truly spoiled for choice in 2011.

So, what have we got for next year? 2012 looks like it will be a fast-paced, epic crusade as the game makers fight it out to spoil our imaginations with a flurry of new games. Here is MMORPG Info‘s lookout list for 2012.

Number 10

World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria (PC) – sometime 2012

We may have featured this more highly if it was any other expansion. Although this is on our watch list, it’s more an intrigue to see what Blizzard will reveal. Have they completely lost the plot? To be honest, we suspect this will be fairly lame and targeted at the younger player base. It could spell the end for the legacy that is World of Warcraft opening the door to another MMORPG. Will it be SW:TOR? Will it be Guild Wars 2? The jury is out and we will be watching closely to see how this unfolds.

Number 9

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (360, PS3)

If you have the slightest interest in this game, visit their website. It is a thing of beauty and the game looks certain not to disappoint. FF XIII-2 was released in Japan on December 15th but the rest of us will have to wait until the New Year to get our hands on a copy. As well as some pretty awesome reviews, it seems to be accompanied by an equally impressive combat system. We’ve been blown away by the trailers and expect nothing less from the game.

Number 8

The Darkness II (360, PS3, PC) – February 7th

We nearly fell off our chairs when we found out another instalment to this game was imminent. Who doesn’t want to run around with killer snakes sprouting from the shoulders, running through subway stations popping off bad guys? The original was a gripping story and with any luck, the sequel will not disappoint. Hiding in the shadows as Jackie Estacado sending forth darklings and now, the added bonus of shooting stuff whilst attacking with snakes out should make combat exciting. Apparently the graphics have been made more in keeping with the comic book, which should add to the already rich atmosphere of the game.

Number 7

Mass Effect 3 (360, PS3, PC) – March 6th

Could it be the end of the Mass Effect era? A nice touch here is the game choices made in Mass Effect 1 and 2 can be carried forward into Mass Effect 3. For this reason, if you haven’t played the first two, then we highly recommend you go ahead and do so, not least for the story. No doubt this release will leave us saddened as the last instalment in an epic game series but still, its arrival is much anticipated.

Number 6

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (XBLA, PSN) – Summer 2012

Shouldn’t Tony Hawk have chronic arthritis of the knee joints and surely he must be about a bajillion! Very possibly he does and is but it doesn’t stop this ongoing series of skateboarding madness being the gaming industry’s equivalent to crystal meth. I might not be out on the street on my skateboard but I know goofy when I see it and can tell my flip tricks from my grab tricks. Can you combine them into an epic combo of insanity?

Number 5

Tomb Raider (360, PS3) – Q3 2012

Fantastic! Lara Croft is back in her usually tight shorts and tight t-shirt attire! The screen shots look promising and even if the game is pants, as long as they keep the handstand ability, it’ll keep us amused for at least a couple of hours. One things for certain, if they decide to make a movie of this, the movie makers will have a hard time passing off poor old Angelina as a 21 year old. One for the wishlist is a recreation of the ‘swimming with sharks’ level.

Number 4

Halo 4 (360) Q4 2012

We’ve not got much to say on this other than we know it’s coming and the title is enough to get us perched on the edges of seats peering at the ‘watch this space’ place on our monitors.

Number 3

Chainsaw Lollipop (360, PS3) – Sometime 2012

It’ll probably be free to download off Steam within two weeks but who cares? Cheerleader, chainsaw… WOO HOO! If this game isn’t just a case of run around mindlessly carving up zombies, we will be disappointed. It needs no plot, just amusing death and a healthy side order of gore.

Number 2

Guild Wars 2 – (PC) – Sometime 2012

Guild Wars 2 has entered closed beta testing and our fingers are itching to get a shot on the new instalment of this MMORPG. Interesting professions, a unique class system, a decent focus on PVP amongst many other things may set Guild Wars 2 apart from the norm. It will be exciting to see how this fairs against SW:TOR. Perhaps a breath of fresh air if you’ve been on a WoW marathon… like forever… if you want to try something new, give this a whirl.

Number 1

Diablo III – (PC) – Sometime 2012

Ah, Blizzard! Hopefully this is where all your gaming talent is hiding out because they most definitely have vacated the WoW building. With fond memories of Diablo I and II, how can we not reserve the supreme spot for the anticipated delicacy which will hopefully be Diablo III? Blizzcon teased us, the trailers and reviews are leaving us begging for more and the screenshots look incredible. What more is there to say?


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