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I was excited when I was offered a chance to test the Roxio Game Capture device for making videos from consoles.

The Roxio works with both X-box and PS3 consoles and will record your game for easy editing and quick uploads.

The hardware connects the video and stereo from the console and the television to a PC using USB. Software is included to edit the resulting videos, making it easy to add transitions, commentary and music. I’ve never really tried to do videos because it seemed too much like hard work but with this, I could share all my finest gaming moments – falling off of cliffs and accidentally attacking rock-hard NPCs – with my guild without it taking up all of my gaming time.

Roxio Game Capture:

Roxio PC Game Capture not only provides a more complete solution than most others (including easy capture, editing, and one-click posting), but it also enables gamers to spend less time managing and posting files and instead spend more time playing.

Sounds cool. So I said yes, please! and promptly received the boxed set in the post. The hardware is small and portable, which means I can take it with me next time I visit Wukung!

Here’s my gaming set-up. Now although I enjoy an in-game challenge, I’m a total wimp when it comes to hardware. Luckily, I have Sixes the Magnificent Webgnome who tends to set things up for me ready to play. I’d planned to try setting up the capture device on my own but when I saw the words “Game console component cables (NOT INCLUDED)” I have to admit I panicked a bit. Of course, webgnomes are well-known hoarders and of course we have a box of random cables that might one day come in useful and the component cable needed to connect everything up was in there. All the other cables needed were included in the box so it seemed like it would be easy.

I wonder if any of you have already spotted the obvious flaw for the easy-install: our awesome flat-screen television attached to the wall. It’s great in terms of saving space in a small room but the idea is you hook everything up and then hang the screen and leave it there. And to connect the video cables, we had to take the television off the wall. Much grunting and cursing later, we had the system set up and ready to use. Hurray!

After that, it was easy. I installed the software onto my PC (running Windows 7) and it was ready to go. I didn’t bother with the tutorial because I wanted to see how quickly I could get it working. Answer: immediately. Recording the video was easy and didn’t interfere with my gameplay. The Roxio will record in a variety of formats (AVI, DivX and WMV) and the process is nice and simple.

The editing software is straight-forward and fun. I’ve used Windows Movie Maker before and I found this very intuitive and easy. I played with the transition effects and added voice-overs and made really cheesy videos just for fun. I spent more time playing with the video effects than I did playing the game!

I’m sure someone more skilled than I am would have no problem making professional videos for tutorials and trailers. Mine was free but even at full cost, I think this is good value for money – a quick search on Amazon shows comparable packages costing much more.

Now that it is set-up, I’m looking forward to recording more from the Xbox and seeing what I can do with it. Actually, I’m thinking I could make a fun romantic movie playing Red Dead Redemption and dubbing the text. I’m not good enough on the console to consider making tutorials for other people but I have to admit, I’m now tempted by the PC version of the software and updating my EQ2 and Minecraft tutorials to include video!

If you are considering getting a Christmas present for a console gamer, the Roxio Game Capture system will make for a fun and interesting gift. Just take the time to find out what will be needed in order to set it up, so your recipient isn’t out purchasing cables at the last minute! All in all, this is a handy-dandy device that is easy to use and will make for hours of diversions.

Note: I was given the Roxio Game Capture device and software free of charge so that I could share my gaming moments with you as a part of this Sponsored Post.


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