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In Star Wars: The Old Republic, there are a wide choice of races, as well as races to combine them with. Although the restrictions or advantages are as of yet unknown, this promises to allow a lot of customization. From the information released, the race chosen will almost certainly affect your class.


As very little is known about them at this time, this will simply be a short list of those that are so far confirmed for player use.


– The most common race in the Star Wars universe, living almost everywhere, following all paths of life.


Twilek – One of the trademark races of Star Wars, they sport a mostly humanoid body, other than their odd colouration and head tentacles, more kindly known as lekku. Known for being agile rather than strong.


– The pointy headed human-like race, often featuring facial tattoos. Best known for Darth Maul.


– A largely extinct people, they are most notable for their lack of eyes, as well as their heightened percentage of Force sensitive offspring.

Sith Pureblood

– The original inhabitants of Korriban, and the original Sith, dark force users. The leaders of the Sith Empire, and highly emotional. Most notable for their red skin and small tendrils.


– Lizard-like hunters, strong and tough. Notable enemies of the Wookie people.


– Pale skinned humanoids, and proud warriors. Warlike and dangerous, they are feared warriors and assassins.


– Mysterious tribal people, despite their apparent lack of technology, they are able to manipulate technology with uncanny skill. They also hate the Voss people, even if these feelings are not reciprocated.


– A odd, blue skinned race. They lived in isolation for centuries, before joining the Sith Empire by choice. They are officially allied with them, but still have their own worlds and army, making them a unique entity within the Sith Empire. They are secretive, very little being known about them.


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