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The new Star Wars MMO on the block, Star Wars: The Old Republic, certainly looks to be a breath of fresh air into the franchise after the fall of Star Wars Galaxies. The MMO seems to be a ways from release yet, but let’s take a look at what has already been announced:

Factions and Classes
There have been confirmed to be two sides, the Republic and the Sith Empire. Each side will have unique classes, available only to that faction, with 4 to a side. Each of these classes will also feature a branching path along their progression, allowing characters to change the fundamental way a class operates. More info is available here and here.


Among the races that players may choose, there are 9 that have been announced, including the well-known Humans and Twileks, as well as Zabraks and Trandoshans. What effect a given race has on the character as a whole is so far unknown, whether it will be purely cosmetic or not. It has also not clear whether there will be faction restriction to races, although some races, such as the Sith Pureblood, give the impression that they will be. More info here.

The number of planets available for exploration by players is at an astounding 17, each apparently large and unique. These planets vary from the trademark Coruscant and Tatooine to the lesser or completely unknown planets such as Tython or Ord Mantell. This promises to bring a large number of quests, characters and locations for you to explore. More info here.

Starships and Space Exploration
Perhaps the most disappointing news to date is that space will not be as freeform as it was in Star Wars Galaxies. In Galaxies, players could spend their time as they wished in space, with a wide variety of ships, from single-player fighters to much larger ships, with multiple positions and large meeting areas. It’s a shame this feature won’t be available in the Old Republic. There have been 6 ships announced to date, although their spread among the factions is unclear, and space combat has been confirmed to be entirely “on rails”, meaning that players will not be able to deviate from the set path. More info here.


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