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Battlefield 3 Launch Party is a premier powergaming LAN event. Better than all the rest, they tell us, with a platinum package that includes EVERYTHING for just $49.

Everything, that is, as long as you have a Y chromosome.

I would like to add an inciteful commentary to this but honestly, the only words I can come up with are “What the fuck?”

Are there other restrictions ? Yes. Nothing ruins a good LAN party like uncomfortable guests or lots of tension, both of which can result from mixing immature, misogynistic male-gamers with female counterparts. Though we’ve done our best to avoid these situations in years past, we’ve certainly had our share of problems. As a result, we no longer allow women to attend this event.

Yes, seriously.

This is apparently a wonderfully caring way to deal with immature, misogynistic male-gamers! Why has no one ever thought of this before?

It took me a little while to stop saying “what the fuck?” long enough to write this post, in which time the original invitation was edited (although the above text is still there under restrictions).

The organisers of the event are concerned that people might get the wrong idea about their intentions.

Now to address your concerns about this being a male misogynistic only type of event where men close the door to all women because we’re male pigs and hate women. Please put those thoughts away. There have been some really good points made on redit, and we don’t want to give the wrong impression.

What we aim to do is to have a great event where men are better men for it and come home to be better husbands, fathers, and gamers. The wives and girlfriends of many of the men that go to these lans often look forward to them going and recharging their “man batteries”. Those same wives and girlfriends in turn go out and spend time with their friends or go to women only girls nights.

Yes, us wives and girlfriends are SO GRATEFUL to you for BANNING WOMEN so that your macho man batteries (What the fuck? Sorry, it slipped out.) get recharged. I’m sure there are legions of women sighing happily that you are dealing with immature and misogynistic behavior so elegantly!

There’s a good comment stream on Reddit regarding the issue. Luckily, there are many people (of both genders) who are able to explain the actual issue better than I can.

TaikongXiongmao comments on Denied Access To a LAN: “We no longer allow women to attend this event”

Having a guys night is fine and dandy, but if your reason is because “there will be bullies so we’re not allowing the victimized,” that’s not cool. Punish the bully, not the bullied.

donnashowl comments on Denied Access To a LAN: “We no longer allow women to attend this event”

The fact that they are willing to give up good female gamers over their friends who make misogynist comments says that they do not value female gamers as gamers. Which means they probably don’t as people, since gaming interactions are largely about respect and shared interest.

Legally, they can do what they do. I just don’t think it’s ethical to exclude women in this manner. I think it’s paternalistic and insulting. It would be one thing if there were a disclaimer that a woman must stoically accept the misogyny or be removed… along with the person being rude. But it’s not like that. No, bros before pros, apparently.

If it were more explicitly painted as male bonding, I could even dig the exclusion of women.

But the way it’s put is just wrong. What they’re doing is not the problem. It is how they are doing it. An act can be ok, but the stated intent behind it be awful.

Yeah, what they said. Also, what the fuck? Come on, guys.

Luckily, we have a LAN party happening right here this weekend. No restrictions as to attendance. I’m off to play with some real men.



  • SK wrote:

    You know what – get off it.

    Fact is, men enjoy male bonding just as much as women enjoy the same with their own gender.

    If it wasn’t the comment about “bullies” it would be something else. You’re just outrages that women are being excluded from something.

    It’s somehow completely acceptable to have a “girl’s night out” and exclude men but we can’t have the same thing?

    Sorry, but you can get fucked. Because it seems you really need to.

  • Taymar wrote:

    Actually, you are wrong on every count. Thanks for popping by, though.

  • Footloose wrote:

    If so, it’s totally lame — but I don’t see the part where it says it’s for guys only. Link?

  • Footloose wrote:

    Actually I just noticed it. Reading comprehension ftw.

  • Ubru bey wrote:

    Don’t you think its just too much for nthe male population?:?

  • Linn wrote:

    I don’t enjoy fashion, makeup, cats and kids, I want to game. SK, why should I be ostracized and banned from being myself just because I have boobs?

    If this were a racial prohibition, how wrong it would be would be clear. However because I’m female, It’s not possible for me to be a real gamer and hence entirely reasonable to ban me…..

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