MMORPG Info Logo Global Agenda: Class Summaries

There might only be four classes in the recently re-released Free2Play MMO Global Agenda, but each one of those classes has a huge ability for variety as a result of the skill trees. This can completely change how a class is played. In this article, I will explore a few of the different branches.

A point worth making is that you can mix and match from these trees as much as you like with no actual need for you to invest one way or another, other than the requirement of some skills to have a minimum amount of points in a specific tree.


Healer or Poison

Medics are a interesting class. Their two trees offer very different playstyles. Healers play like the more cliché Medic, being able to heal people as well as buff them, whereas the Poison medic focuses on damage and poison, a key feature of the Medic’s offensive weaponry. Poison causes damage over time and increases all damage from other sources, making a well played Poison medic a devastating and dangerous force to fight against.

Of course, as in almost every MMO, healers are in great demand, while also being one of the least played classes in Global Agenda. While some find the role of support and healer boring, it can be a great boon to know you were the sole factor leading to your group’s success.


Tank or Destroyer

The choice between Tank and Destroyer is effectively the choice between defence or offence. The Tank will find himself very popular if he comes with a Medic friend, and a Medic Assault combo can dominate the battlefield, PvE or PvP.


Stealth or Sniper

These two skill trees allow for vastly different playstyles. Stealth has a primary focus on stealth and melee, using the backstab special attack. Sniper has a focus on high damage single shots. The advantages that these two can give are very different, but can lead a team to victory where the brute force of the Assault won’t. Recons are the perfect anti-Robotics, their bombs and grenades as well as ability to stealth to avoid the guns fire makes them capable of destroying almost any Robotics instalment.


Drones or Engineer

This skill tree allows a player to choose between a defensive mindset and a offensive mindset, with drones (mobile and powerful) being used for offensive tactics, and Engineers use turrets (stationary, but a lot of firepower) being used for defence. This class can sometimes be inundated by too many people, leaving a untouchable base, but with no offence, making the Assault’s and Medic’s job much harder.


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