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For a long time, the only free items you could get on Steam were demos and videos. Totally free games were generally a non-entity on the distribution platform. Recently however Steam launched six Free2Play games on the service, including its own wildly popular Team Fortress 2, among others. This could herald a new era for Steam, where MMOs and other free games find their own spot among what some call the best digital distribution platform on the PC. Here’s a quick summary of what each of these games is.

Global Agenda (MMOFPS)

Global Agenda was a pay-for game for a long time. You paid for the software but then there was no charge to play on the servers. Now the game has gone completely free: the software is available on Steam. The game was for a long time somewhat of a competitor to Team Fortress 2, offering similar class based combat. It’s fast, frantic and, if the trailers tell you nothing else, explosive. Certainly a fun one to pick up for a good 30 minute playing session and then drop.

Champions Online (MMORPG)

One of the successors to the City of Heroes Superheroes genre (the other being DC Universe Online). This game plays like one of the good ol’ MMORPGs, with little changed from the default formula. It certainly has a nice aesthetic, although pop up balloons with “WHOMPF” and “BAMP” and the like are noticeably absent. The customization is a large feature of this game, with almost any hero you can imagine being capable of creation, and a diverse number of powers available, from arcane magick to the simple blade. Certainly a game for anyone who ever imagined being a superhero.

Spiral Knights (MMOAA: Massively Multiplayer Online Action-Adventure)

Spiral Knights is certainly the black sheep in the family, having a very different sort of gameplay. You play a Spiral Knight, a small clockwork soldier working to help your land recover by adventuring in 4 man dungeons, using both sword and gun to solve puzzles and defeat monsters. There’s certainly a very Zelda-ish feeling to the whole thing, with equipment and levels being the only extraneous factor. Certainly this is a game you can pick up,
play one dungeon and drop, but it lacks any real hook other than the puzzles, which are the only thing to really spice up dungeons.

Alliance of Valiant Arms (MMOFPS)

A game very reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, in this FPS you play one member of a four or five man group, progressing through the stage against mutated humans, completing objectives to get to the end. AoVA (or AVA) also has classes and skills, which means every person can bring something different to the match.

Forsaken Worlds (MMORPG)

Perhaps the most traditional MMO on this list, a fantasy class based RPG, there’s not much original here, but certainly there’s no reason to mess with a formula that works. With five Races and five Classes to choose between, they’ve stuck to basics, making this a worthy RPG to spend your time earning levels and loot.

Team Fortress 2 (Multiplayer FPS)

Perhaps one of the best known FPSs of modern day, trumping even its older brother, Counterstrike. This game, developed by the creators of Steam, Valve, has for a long time required the purchase of the software, but offers one of the most frequently updated FPSs of all times, with new content and patches still being put out almost weekly. There are 9 distinct classes here, with each class having a plethora of unlockable weapons (unlocked either through achievements or being found during playtime), there’s something for everyone in this game, and now that its free, its a game for everyone to enjoy.

Alien Swarm (Multiplayer Top-Down Shooter)

Another Valve product. This was produced by two developers who started it as a student project. They were hired by Valve and finished it off there, before releasing it for free on Steam. The game has enjoyed massive popularity, and still has a healthy playerbase to this day. The game revolves around objective-centered progression through levels, with 4 players playing 4 classes (where anyone can play any class, in any quantity, although a Hacker is sometimes required for a level). The game is fresh and original, but only has one campaign.

Within the next few months, hopefully well see more and more free games signing up to Steam, and hopefully this will become a new stage in the development of Steam.

NOTE: All of these games utilise a micro-transactions or subscription service, where certain features or weapons are available only to those who pay real world money for the privilege of using them, however, none of these are unplayable without paying



  • Gregory wrote:

    Let’s hope steam keeps it up and offers even more!

  • Colin wrote:

    I think this is great for the free to play world. A name like Steam should maybe convince people that free to play doesn’t mean rubbish.

    Out of the titles above Forsaken World and team Fortress 2 are my top choices

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