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I have a real-world quest. I have this chest. Well, it’s really more of a cupboard. But it’s old and wooden and full of something unknown, which we all know means treasure, right?

This is the treasure cupboard:

(My group informs me that it is in fact a cabinet and not a cupboard. I stand corrected.)

The problem is that it is locked and we don’t have a key. I need to try to get the doors and drawers open (especially as we are trying to move it and it’s big and heavy!) and I really don’t want to break the locks off.

It’s not just that the locks might be magically trapped but also that I don’t want to ruin the resale value of the piece.

I’ve gone to the local cobbler who is also a locksmith. He told me he would help me but only after I brought him ten rat’s tails. OK, no, not really. He told me he wouldn’t do house calls but that cabinets generally have the same type of lock.

He gave me a set of seven keys to try. They were the right sort of shape but even the biggest one was too small. The “ring” is quite large although the key would have to be very thin to fit it. So maybe it is some kind of specialist lock.

Honestly, I just don’t really know where to go from here. But I figure, you can get a spoiler for most quests on the Web, right? So I’m coming to you for help.

Do any of you have any advice what I could do to get this cabinet open? Would a better locksmith have more magic keys? Or is there some way it could be nudged open without breaking the lock?

If there is treasure inside, I’ll share it with you.



  • Rachel Green wrote:

    Take a cast of the lock ask ask the smith to make a key?
    Use a locksmith that does do house calls?

  • Taymar wrote:

    Yeah, I’m wondering if I can find another locksmith that isn’t too far away. I hadn’t thought of trying to make a cast, that’s a good idea.

  • Taymar wrote:

    SUCCESS! We’ve been watching for cheap keys on Ebay for similar style cabinets. The third one fit the lock and opened all the doors. No treasure though 🙁

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