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Welcome to another fascinating collection of reviews by Wukung. This is a great selection of games and also includes a look at a Razer game controller. Previous games reviewed this year include Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Dead Space 2, Kill Zone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Deathsmiles, Bulletstorm, and Dragon Age 2. [More…]


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Maybe everyone has already seen this series of Flash puzzle games but I’ve only just seen it as the result of a post on Making Light of all places.

Alice is Dead takes place in Wonderland but things are not as they should be. Alice is dead and it’s up to you to make your way through. The artwork is creepy and lovely and the text tips made me laugh out loud.

The gameplay is straight-forward point-and-click to interact with items and solve the puzzles to make your way through the next area. Each episode is fairly short but some of the puzzles are quite difficult, so I paused the game a few times to try to think about what I’d missed.

Jay is Games gave the first episode a sterling review and has posted a walk-through in case you get really stuck.
Alice is Dead: Episode One Walkthrough Guide

More Brothers Grimm than Lewis Carroll, Alice is Dead is a short but sinister little noir-ish tale that will entertain even if the plot twist at the end is a little predictable. Play it on a coffee break, or play it with the lights down low and the sound turned up. You didn’t need those sweet dreams anyway, did you?

One of the developers posted in response to the many positive comments, saying:

In regards to the length of the game, truth be told this first episode was a bit of an experiment. We had no idea how people were going to react, and this overwhelmingly positive response has been such a pleasant surprise for me and Hyptosis.

So give it a go and see what you think. If you enjoy it, be sure to let them know so they create more!



Apologies for my silence.

I had a form of RSI. I ended up not using a keyboard at all for ten days and curtailing all typing to a minimum in hopes of letting the tendon heal quickly. It seems to have worked and I’m much better now but this blog ended up firmly in the “not a requirement” pile. So while I’ve been healing and catching up, my gaming (and as a result MMORPG Info updates) has been almost non-existent.

However, I have been doing a lot of reading and one great site that I’ve found is What MMORPG. It focuses on easy-to-read mini-reviews to sort through the myriad of MMORPGs on offer at the moment. Chris, who has run the site for a little over a year, also includes links to gaming articles and comics but at the heart of the site is the MMORPG categories which split the games up by payment, genre, platform and more. Once you’ve filtered down to games of interest, you can see subcategories such as grinding, usability and customization.

Chris already has a large number of interesting and different games. The free section of MMORPGs especially is a good size and has enough variety that those in the market should be able to find something fitting. If a new MMORPG is ever something you are in the market for, you may want to give What MMORPG a try.

Meanwhile, bear with me while I play games all week long get caught up on my RSS feeds and gaming news. I hope to have more, exclusive content for you soon.