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The Black Garden instance is a simple Player vs Player warfront for beginners. It is available by speaking to the PvP coordinator in your home city or via the Warfronts menu (press K).

The Martyrdom scenario has 5-10 players per team.

The official description states:

Within a holy grove in the Silverwood, Guardians and Defiants fight to take control of the Fang of Regulos. Imprisoned here for millennia by the High Elves, the power of the fang lay dormant until the rifts corrupted the shrine and killed the protectors.

You must fight to take control of this powerful artefact. Be warned, the longer it is within your grasp, the more its dark power will eat away your soul.

Earn points for your team by holding onto the relic for as long as possible. However, no one can withstand the power of the relic for long, and the carrier will take an increasing amount of damage until they die. You may also accrue points for your team by defeating enemy players.

You begin on the high ground overlooking the square which holds the fang. The fang is “imprisoned” in the center of the square, amidst the rocks. In order to pick up the fang, you must right-click it and be uninterrupted.

If you see anyone from the opposing faction kneeling at the fang, they are attempting to pick it up. You can do damage to your competitors to interrupt their process.

As there is no friendly fire in RIFT, you can use an Area of Effect (multi-target) damage spell to interrupt everyone from the opposing team in order to help your teammates pick up the fang first.

Once someone has picked up the fang, the player name and health bar appears in the right-side of the default screen. It is colored to show the faction of the person holding the fang. In addition, the fang-holder is lit up with a “spotlight” effect that can be seen from a great distance. To target the fang-holder, you can click on the symbol showing the name and health.

If the fang-holder is of the opposing faction, then everyone in your group should be focused on damaging that person (and, if applicable, anyone healing the fang-holder). The fang itself causes a slow damage over time to the person holding it. The amount of damage it does increases the longer it is held.

Once the fang-holder is dead, the fang appears where he fell, ready to be picked up. If no one picks up the fang, it resets and goes back to the prison in the center of the square.

If the fang-holder is of your faction, then your team should be defending the fang-holder from others and healing the fang-holder to undo the damage caused by holding the fang.

Your team gains points when in possession of the fang. If you are the fang-holder, you should be staying as close to the center as you can. The further away the fang-holder is from the center, the slower the points add up. Often the fang-holder will try to hide behind the tree to stay out of line of sight but this drastically reduces the amount of points his team earns per second. A good defending team should keep the fang-holder alive in the center for maximum points.

For those who like to see an example of the Black Garden warfront in action, I recommend the Pallytime video tutorial for details and some ideas for advanced tactics:

And if that was all too detailed and complicated for you then you can follow the Warhammer guide (shown in comic-strip form on the right).

Simply remember one instruction: Kill the Dude with the Thing.


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