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Third person action shooter, a phrase which makes most gamers instantly think of Gears of War or the upcoming Space Marine, is not a genre you usually expect to hear about for MMOs. This is why I had to look twice to believe it when I read about Microvolts. Microvolts is the new MMO third person action shooter made by the oddly named Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. The game features dated (but cute) cartoon graphics and went into open beta on the 10th of March. You can sign up to take part in the beta by going to

The concept of the game is certainly original: a world similar to our own has been deep in a secret war, a war for the most important of resources… a war for batteries. The toys have been at war for years over this lifeline, as well as for dominance of the MicroWorld. In the game, you play one of these toys in what is certain to be chaotic, fast-paced shooting. The game has great variety, with many weapons (including a chainsaw, for when you need to disassemble an inferior toy!), as well as many customization options and ingenious and funny character voices.

As exciting as the proposition sounds, it is still a limited beta and currently only a few maps are available. It does however have a lot of varied game modes, including:

  • Free for All
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Item Match
  • Capture the Battery
  • the new Elimination mode.

You’re sure to be entertained by this selection for a while. The game also features achievements, rewarded for tasks varying from the easy (your first kill!), to the difficult (kill a enemy after launching them into the air!), the grindy (kill 100 enemies!) and everything in between.

The game looks to be simple enough for new users to get involved and join the veterans without too much trouble. The high amount of customization makes it likely that you will remember the faces of your greatest enemies, as well as your best friends.

The game is in open beta now, so just sign up and jump in at!


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