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(Not sure what Echo Bazaar is? Read the introduction at Echo Bazaar)

When I first started exploring Fallen London, I wrote:

I spent yesterday in a state of confusion after learning the dark secrets of a friend. My nights are still plagued with nightmares. But now I know that as long as I keep my cheerful goldfish close to hand, I will remain this side of sanity.

This is part of the learning curve for the residents of Fallen London. This is an everyday occurrence in Echo Bazaar.

However, your dreams can take you to other places and if you are not careful, you might find yourself inside the mirror.

There are three ways of entering the Mirror-Marches.

If your Nightmares reach 8 and you are holding a Memory of Light, you will be sent there automatically instead of to a State of Confusion.

You can also look through the Mahogany Mirror at Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival, at the cost of two Memories of Light.

If you enter a State of Confusion and receive the opportunity card A plan occurs, you can pay 7 Fate and take the option to set fire to your mirror, which will move you to the Mirror-Marches.

You will automatically leave the Mirror-Marches when your Nightmares reach zero. You will find yourself back in your lodgings with an increase to Wounds and a decrease to Having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? and you’ll lose 1 Memory of Light.

There are a number of Opportunity Cards which reward a Memory of Light including a number of Having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? events and successful visits to the cellars of the Shuttered Palace.

The Mirror-Marches has its own exclusive storylets and cards, most of which increase or decrease your nightmares.


The Mirror-Frames

Each of these mirrors has a minimum amount of Nightmares needed in order to see them. Looking at the frame will decrease your nightmares. All but the wooden frame have mild side-effects.

Action Prerequisite Side Effect
Look at the wooden frame Nightmares 1
Look at the iron frame Nightmares 6 increase in Wounds
Look at the silver frame Nightmares 4 increase to Wounds
Look at the brass frame Nightmares 3 increase to Scandal

The seductive forest

Action Prerequisite Success Failure
Follow the scent of roses Nightmares 5 decrease to Nightmares

No Effect
Follow the scent of water None decrease to Nightmares increase to Nightmares

The temple complex

Action Prerequisite Effect
Stay away from the ruins Nightmares 3 increase to Nightmares
Be enticed by the temples Watchful decrease to Nightmares

A familiar scene?

Action: Step through the mirror
Result: Moves you to a State of Confusion

When you leave the State of Confusion you will lose your accumulated Nightmare properties unless you are in possession of Honeyed Laudanum.

Red-Bordered Cards

Red-bordered cards have a specific effect and use up an action simply by viewing them.

Red Cards Which Decrease Nightmares

Card Prerequisites Other Effects
A glimpse of amber Connected: Rubbery Men 5 increase to Connected: Rubbery Men
A glimpse of a church Connected: The Church 10 increase to Connected: The Church
A glimpse of a kiss Connected: Revolutionaries 5 increase to Hedonist
A glimpse of a tavern Route: Wolfstack Docks I
A glimpse of a cat Connected: Urchins 5
A glimpse of silver Master Thief 1 increase to Shadowy
A glimpse of debauchery Connected: Bohemian 10, Hedonist 5 increase to Bohemian
A glimpse of flowers Heartless 5 decrease to Heartless
A glimpse of a devil’s teatime Connected: Hell 10 increase to Connected: Hell
A glimpse of a king Recurring Dreams: A Game of Chess 10 increase to Watchful
A glimpse of brass Recurring Dreams: Burial of the Dead 5
A black cat Shadowy 48, Nightmares 4 increase to Shadowy
A golden cat Watchful 48 increase to Watchful
A spotted cat Nightmares 4, Route: the Flit 1 increase to Shadowy
A striped cat Persuasive 48, Nightmares 4 increase to Persuasive
Night is falling

Red Cards Which Increase Nightmares

Card Prerequisites Other Effects
A forest fire increase to Wounds

General Cards

These cards will not use up an option until you commit to the action, although not all of them will offer a choice.

Cards with Prerequisites

All of these cards decrease Nightmares.

Card Choice Prerequisites
A thunderstorm
Take shelter None
Listen to the thunder What the Thunder Said 10
A tree of scars
Try to read the markings None
Read the markings if you know how Scholar of the Correspondence 1

Cards based on Luck

These cards will decrease Nightmares if you are lucky and will have no effect if you are unfortunate.

Card Action Other Effects (if lucky)
A green vine Grasp the vine 10 cryptic clues
A shining beetle Catch the beetle 1 diamond

Other Cards

Card Choice Nightmares Other Effects
A Bird-of-paradise
Follow It decrease
Pick Up the Feather increase
Heavenly Fruits
Eat a plum increase increase to Unaccountably Peckish
Eat some grapes increase increase to Wounds
Eat some cherries decrease decrease to Unaccountably Peckish
Orange lilies Get closer to the lilies increase increase to Wounds
A snatch of music Follow the music increase
Purple orchids Pick an orchid decrease

All material here is (c) Failbetter Games 2010, used by permission.


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