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While I’m waiting to be able to play RIFT, I’ve been collecting links that have to do with RIFT. This first collection is my list of online resources which I think will be helpful for creating my perfect RIFT character. Well, the first one, anyway.

The Classes and Callings

Cleric Mage Rogue Warrior
Cabalist Archon Assassin Beastmaster
Druid Chloromancer Bard Champion
Inquisitor Dominator Bladedancer Paladin
Justicar Elemental Summoner Marksman Paragon
Purifier Necromancer Nightblade Reaver
Sentinel Pyromancer Ranger Riftblade
Shaman Stormcaller Riftstalker Void Knight
Warden Warlock Saboteur Warlord

From: Rift (video game) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The soul system allows players to customize their characters to a high level. The player chooses 3 souls from within their calling, and allocates earned points into talent trees for each soul. A player wishing to tank may select justicar for its defensive properties and ability to heal the group as it deals damage, sentinel to increase his healing capabilities, and inquisitor to increase his melee damage output (thus increasing the amount of damage-based healing and threat generation). A character may have both justicar and sentinel, but have more points allocated into sentinel than justicar, and then choose warden as the third soul for its burst damage and heal-over-time spells, to make the character more of a healer than a tank.

Players may also keep up to 4 different soul configurations (called roles), which may be activated whenever the player is not in combat, meaning a player can switch from a healer to a damage dealer, as the group needs, between battles or instances. Because the player’s abilities come from the points allocated in the soul trees, two roles that share no souls will literally have no abilities or bonuses in common with each other.

Old School Combinations

The “My old class from X would be what soul combo in Rift?” thread

Class Builders

Most Useful Game Wiki

Rift: Planes of Telara Wiki – Rift: Planes of Telara Wiki


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