MMORPG Info Logo Festivities in Fallen London

Make sure to play Echo Bazaar today so that you don’t miss the arrival of Mr Sacks. Mr Sacks delights in gifts freely given and has, he says, lists of who has been good.

Mushroom wine is said to be a favorite of his but perhaps it would be unwise to limit yourself to a single gift. You can see what others are giving Mr Sacks by watching #please_mr_sacks on Twitter.

Today is the day! Go, quickly now, to Fallen London to receive his visit.

However, be sure to heed this warning from the Facebook event listing:

With so many new areas of Fallen London lately opened to the public to cries of joy and outrage alike, Echo Bazaar would like to offer all its loyal customers and denizens of Fallen London a chance to partake in our very finest seasonal content. Receive a visit from Mr Sacks! We strongly advise against climbing into his sack. Doing so is a terrible idea and will do you considerable damage.

The event will last from Friday, December 24 until Thursday, January 6, 2011. Now it is time to find out: Have you been naughty? Or nice?


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