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Occasionally I spot a bit of interesting conversation, a snap comment by Mr Wines followed by a cheeky retort from Sinning Jenny. These conversations make for interesting interludes – for me, they are part of the attraction of Echo Bazaar – but when Honeyed Laudanum came out, I found it hard to follow the encouragement and outrage of the various masters. What I really wanted was to see their conversation outside of the context of Twitter, separate from my other interactions.

I realized that the easy way to follow the conversation would be to make a list which consisted only of the official Twitter accounts associated with Echo Bazaar. That way, I could simply click on a link and watch the conversation on a simple page. I looked around and although I found many lists of players and one or two of the Masters, I couldn’t find a list that included all of the official Twitter accounts associated with Echo Bazaar that didn’t also include the players (making the list difficult to follow).

So I made a Twitter list:


If you click on the link above (finish reading this sentence first!), you’ll see that it becomes much easier to follow the banter between the fine ladies and gentlemen of Fallen London. In fact, I found it surprising to realise how many conversations I had missed, even though I already follow all of the Echo Bazaar twitter accounts.

Here are the members, the long-term residents of Echo Bazaar, which I included in my illustrious list:

I’m sure I don’t have everyone though. That’s where you all come in: tell me who I forgot! And if you find this list useful, please feel free to follow it or drop me a line and let me know.



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