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Dungeons and Dragons Virtual Table was announced by Wizards of the Coast last week. They have long discussed a software suite to allow D&D players to enjoy tabletop adventures online but there had been no updates for quite some time – until now.

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It’s time for a look at the next digital product we’re working on for D&D – The Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Table! The D&D VT is an online tool that Dungeon Masters and adventurers can use to run and participate virtually in D&D tabletop adventures. The tool has a whole bunch of features such as dungeon tiles for making maps, monster and character tokens, avatars that can be statted out and initiative and attack rollers.

The Virtual Table (VT) The VT is a web-based Java application with integrated voice chat. It requires a constant internet connection during use. Effectively, the application is an integrated collection of online tools including:

  • editable map
  • movable tokens
  • a dice roller
  • character and monster information storage
  • condition tracking
  • text and voice chat

You can apply to help beta test the system by signing up as a user at Wizards.Com User Administration. The first batch of players have already received access to the tools and some basic reports are appearing online.

This video shows one of the testers first impressions as he’s loaded up the tools:

You can also see screenshots of the tools in The Wizards Community Image Gallery and there’s an official Q&A thread to ask beta testers for more information the forums.

A more general discussion of VT and online play spaces is available at Playing Tabletop Dungeons & Dragons Online.

I’m somewhat concerned about the restrictions inherent in the system and the fact that the pricing model has not been confirmed. My Monday night game is played on OpenRPG: Online Virtual Tabletop and although it would be nice to have software that was somewhat more polished and stable, it’s hard to beat the flexibility … let alone the price.


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