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Many of the denizens of the ‘Neath are happy to accept their lot, to take life (or equivalent) as it comes. But some of us want more. Some of us want to take advantage of all the pleasures that Fallen London has to offer.

Echo Bazaar has the answer. Take control of your fate.

Fate is an underground currency of the Echo Bazaar, purchased using real-world money or very occasionally rewarded for long-term storylets. Fate is never required for your sojourn in Fallen London but it can, let us say, make your experiences in the City more interesting.

If you choose to use your fate to control your future, you have a few options.

Main Storylets

On the Fate tab, you will see unique storylines that you can take part in … for a price.

A Change in Souls: 25 Fate
Those with Shadowy 20 or more can delve into the wicket toils of the soul trade. This is a detailed storylet that plays out over multiple locations and opportunities. You have the choice to act as a spirifer, collecting the souls of the unwitting, or to fight the soul trade.

Once complete, you can spend another 25 fate and take a further look into the Trade in Souls by resetting your situation and viewing the spirit trade from the opposite side.

The Rubbery Murders: 25 Fate

Who has been poisoning deep amber traders? Is there really such a thing as a rubbery murderer?

You’ll want Watchful 20 or more to take advantage of this series in which you play detective and attempt to determine the truth. The clues come to you through storylets but when the crunch comes, do you think you can be sure who did it?

A Long-Lost Daughter: 25 Fate

It is an ordinary day. Not even particularly dank, for once. It is a day that generally lacks portents. You are walking to your lodgings. A grubby urchin sidles up to you and speaks theatrically from the side of her mouth. ‘Psst! Gottalettaforyer.’

Your qualities should be 30 or higher to take part in this storylet. You will receive a letter when you next visit your lodgings, starting you on the path of “in contact with a Long-Lost Daughter”. This is an interesting storylet which pushes the player into making some interesting decisions.

Mini Storylets

Opportunity Cards may give you the option to use Fate and take advantage of special experiences.

A visit to the Gracious Widow
Someone is planning to intercept her next shipment of brandy

You must first have played the opportunity card which gives you the status of in search of a Stiff Drink 1. At some point thereafter, you should receive an Opportunity Card to visit the Gracious Widow.

Someone is planning to intercept her next shipment of brandy. Does she suspect your involvement? Or does she want your help?

You can tell her directly that you’ve been investigating the brandy or you can push things further with a small payment of Fate. 3 Fate will allow you to either work for the Widow, investigating the Duchess’ interest in the brandy, or investigate the Widow herself. Both of these opportunities require a good Shadowy skill to progress.

A day at the races
The biggest event in Fallen London: Shroom-hopping races at Bugsby’s Marshes. Will you attend?

You overhear two race-goers discussing the location. Today, is it? Get in while you have the chance. The speed! The thrills! The occasional amusing death! And the hats! The improbable hats!

This Opportunity Card offers you the chance to take part in the races for a cost of 3 fate. You’ll be moved to a special instance of Watchmaker’s Hill so be sure to clear your opportunity cards first, as there is a special set of cards for the races. Once you accept, you’ll find a you have repeated chances to run the races – and even to win! Bring your best hats. You should have stats at 40 or higher in order to do well here.

If you choose not to spend your fate, you can read about the results in the paper or even write a stern letter complaining about the disgraceful spectacle.


Many of the Opportunity Cards now include an additional option that you can choose for a tiny smidgen of Fate, if you would like special service. This is just a selection.

Mr Wines is holding a sale!

This new Opportunity Card gives you the chance to acquire Honeyed laudanum for the cost of 9 Fate.

Honeyed laudanum
A radical creation, offered only to the most select of customers. It is unlabelled. Jervaise whispers that it ensures that dreams are never forgotten, even when nightmares become too much to bear…

If you are fascinated by recurring dreams, you may be interested in this very special treat. Honeyed Laudanum will stop your individual nightmares from resetting when you next enter a State of Confusion. These vials can be stacked. One vial is used automatically as you depart from A State of Confusion or the Mirror-Marches.

A commotion in the Square of Lofty Words

This Opportunity Card offers six choices for an interesting transaction – including a use for the gems which have been appearing recently. One of them allows the transfer of Fate.

High on their poles in the square, the philosophers are arguing again. The point in contention: what is the truest gift for a true friend? You duck flung fruit as you pass, but their arguments set you thinking. What gift might you give?

If you have been social in the game, the gift of admiration will be available to you. You need two each of the following: Hastily Scrawled Warning Note, Sudden Insight, Hard-Earned Lesson and Confident Smile. These will be given to the player of your choice.

You can spoil yourself if you have Hedonist at 5 or greater. This will allow you to collect the above cards for your own use.

The gift of jewels is available if you have three each of the following: Sapphire, Venom-ruby, Diamond. More information on how to collect these gems will be available soon.

The gift of a big bag of dead rodents is available for the bargain price of 100 Rat on a String.

Or you can choose to share your Fate. If you choose to spend your Fate (either 11 Fate for a Box of Ten Delights or 101 Fate for a Box of a Hundred Wonders), you can offer Fate to another player (11 or 101 respectively, despite the names). But do you care about anyone in Fallen London that deeply?

A Plan occurs

When in a state of some confusion, you may receive this opportunity card which will move you to the Mirror-Marches for a cost of 7 Fate.

An Imperial pronouncement?

This opportunity is only available in the Tomb Colonies.

“ this is possible. My relationship with Court can best be described as troubled. There was an early matter of an ode, you remember, and later…but the important thing is this: my reputation is restored! I leave for London as soon tomorrow!

If your scandalous behaviour has become a problem and you find yourself ostracized to the Tomb Colonies, you will find a new option under The price of forgiveness storyline. For 9 Fate, you can clear your scandal and return to Fallen London.

An afternoon of good deeds?

A new option has appeared on this Opportunity Card allowing you to enhance your reputation.

A plaster saint!
One extraordinary good deed can outweigh any amount of petty scandal.

For the cost of 4 Fate, you can clear all of your scandal and “a considerable amount” of Suspicion. If you are lucky, you might also gain a small sparkling reward for your actions.

More Time in Fallen London

You can also spend your Fate on more mundane options: an extra candle, lasting a month, will allow you to experience more of the dark city for only 35 Fate. If you are short on time, you can restore 10 actions for 10 Fate or 3 actions for 3 Fate rather than waiting for your refresh. If you are looking for a very specific Opportunity Card, you can help things along by refilling your deck for 3 Fate.

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