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(If you are new to Minecraft you should start here: Surviving Minecraft)

Ah, so you’re still around. Feeling proud of yourself, are ya? Well, you’ve done better than most of the new kids heading out this way, that’s for sure.

No, we’ll not be mining yet. Just because you made it through one night doesn’t mean you are an old hand. Oh no, we have some work ahead of us yet to get you into shape.

You need a sword. If you don’t have one already, make it on your workbench. Two rocks on top of a stick: simple.

Now, presuming you can see blue skies outside, you should be ready to leave the nice little shelter you created. If you have any flowers, decorate out front so you might recognise it if you come this way again. Leave a torch by the front door. Make sure you have torches with you too – collect some wood and coal first if you need to. Nightfall comes quickly in these parts.

Come along now, torches and swords at the ready. Let’s get hunting.

Kill pigs, kill cows. Don’t worry about the chickens just for the moment. Alone in the wilderness and you are worrying about feather beds – newbies these days have no sense of priorities, I tell you. Stay focused. Pigs, cows. You want as much leather as you can carry and three or four pieces of pork. Grab some wood while you are out. That’ll come in useful later when your sword breaks.

If you get hurt, go ahead and try eating one of those pieces of raw pig. Drop it into a free hotkey slot and focus on it and then right-click. It makes you feel a little better, right? Now go get some more so that you’ve got some for cooking. Raw pig is only for when you are desperate.

When darkness starts to fall, think quickly: can you find your shelter? If you do not know where it is then FORGET IT and make a new shelter. You’ve got your torches and hopefully you have some dirt or rocks for building. You can make yourself a cozy corner for the night in no time at all. If you have a choice, make a leanto against a rock wall so you can do some mining but anywhere will do. I can’t tell you how many newbies I’ve heard of who made it through the first night and then killed themselves a few evenings later, running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find their shelter. You *know* how to survive the night – lock yourself in with some torches. There’s nothing special about that hovel you built last night, just make yourself another.

Now while you wait out the night, build a new workbench. We’ve got some important crafting to do.

First, make a box: 8 pieces of refined wood with the center hole empty. Place that against the wall, now you’ve got some space to store things.

Now, make a furnace: same pattern, but using rocks, not wood. Place that next to your storage box. It runs on coal and gets mighty hot, so watch your fingers.

This place is almost starting to look liveable.

Open up your furnace and place one piece of coal and one piece of meat into the slots. Wait a short time and you’ll find you’ve got Grilled Pork, which heals for over double compared to raw meat. Take that piece out and place another chunk of raw meat into the furnace. You have to make each one individually but that one piece of coal will make a few chunks of kebab if you place the meat in as quickly as you can.

But how about not getting hurt in the first place? Well, ok, getting hurt less, in your case. That’s what the leather is for, we are going to make some armor. You’ll need to make this on the workbench and then shift to your inventory to put it on.

Here’s your basic outfit:

5 pieces for a helmet

8 pieces for a chest plate

7 pieces for leggings

4 pieces for boots

If you don’t have enough leather, don’t fret too much. Just make what you can for the moment and go looking for more tomorrow. Getting a couple of pieces made is a start, when you put it on using your main inventory, you’ll see the difference immediately. Leather armor doesn’t last long but hopefully you’ll be able to make yourself a set of iron armor soon.

Now, this next piece of advice doesn’t sound very adventurous but you’ll thank me for it later. When you get in trouble, you appear in a special place, referred to as your spawn point. When the zombies get you or you fall face-down into a mine shaft, you’ll find yourself at this place, naked and alone, just like the day you were born. It’ll be tempting to try to run and see if you can recover your stuff or strike out hoping to find the hovel you built. Don’t do it. Stop right here and set yourself up so you aren’t running around with no torches and no tools.

First, pick up stuff that you can leave like breadcrumbs to show the way – flowers, wood, cotton from sheep, anything. Drop something onto the ground to mark your spawn point. Now, go out like it was your first day: collect some wood, find some local coal, make a pick and grab the coal and a few rocks. But this time, keep an eye on which way you are going so you can head back.

Go back to your spawn point and create a little house. Place a storage box in it and make yourself some torches and tools and leave them there. Your future self will thank you.

So …what are you still hanging around here for? You’ve made it this far, you’ll be just fine on your own, I reckon. You probably want to start looking into deep mining, try to find some iron. Make some ladders before you get too deep. Always mark your way with torches. And if you hear something hissing at you, run!

Now git. I’ve got things to do.

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