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World of the Living Dead is a free browser-based survival game. It’s you against over 9 million zombies in this new strategy game set in LA.

Guide Survivors Through the City

As operatives of the National Emergency Control and Relief Agency (NECRA) sealed in secure locations, players must guide their small group of survivors through the zombie-filled streets of over twelve thousand square kilometers of Los Angeles County, competing for scarce resources against other players to survive. You progress your group by surviving, fighting and exploring.

Competition for Limited Resources

Your survivors need food and drink and over time they suffer from fear and fatigue. Initially, there are plenty of locations to loot but supplies dwindle over time unless you stash things away. You are in competition with other groups of survivors for resources, with PvP combat and theft integrated into the game. The PvP is described as hard-core because of the permadeath system: If your survivors die, they can’t be resurrected and their corpses can be looted. As an operative, you will have to find other survivors willing to accept your guidance and help – which may become difficult if you don’t deal with their needs.

Skill Development per Character

Each survivor has his own inventory and skill development paths, allowing you to customise your group for survival, fighting and exploration. You also have the option to establish safe-houses and claim territory.

The game is designed by Ballardia, founded by the Kulpreet Singh who was the Chief Game Designer at Jolt Online. The game is currently in a closed beta and won’t be available until the beginning of next year.


But you don’t have to wait! We have 10 beta keys to give-away if you’d like to try the game out now!

If you would like access to the closed beta, simply leave a comment here answering one simple question.

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The best answers will receive a beta key in order to access to World of the Living Dead which you can play using any popular web-browser. Complete the form with a valid email address so that we can contact you if you win! We will not use your information for any other purpose.

What would be the best thing about a zombie apocalypse?

Add your answer as a comment to take part.



  • Pewari wrote:

    Well one bright side could be that the price of brains plummet making them affordable for everyone.

    Hmm, but then demand would still be high. So maybe that’s slightly fiscally flawed.

  • Fiz wrote:

    Ahhh now I am torn between ….. a day off of work or (and I think better still) finally an end to all of those brain-melting Soap Operas 🙂

  • Phungi wrote:

    The best thing about the zombie apocalypse, is that it would show all those stupid fools who laughed at me and called me mad…

    well who’s laughing now eh? EH?

  • Jim wrote:

    A return to the simple bucolic life, harvesting food with your fellow zombies, an end to (the hustle bustle of modern) life.

  • Fuzbaul wrote:

    two words – Zombie Dolphins !

  • Shubb wrote:

    Zombies meet X Factor…the pure joy of it 🙂

  • Hazel wrote:

    I would finally have an excuse to take my machete out the house!

  • Charlotte wrote:

    presumably carbon emissions & deforestation, etc., would dramatically slow/stop. which would be good.

  • Prios wrote:

    The best part of a zombie apocalypse would be getting to see your dearly-departed family and friends once again, just like when you go to heaven. <3

  • Xarous wrote:

    The thing I would look forward to the most during a zombie apocalypse is a culling of the herd so to speak. The weak shall perish and be struck down. I shall help them embrace the end that is death. I welcome the onslaught, insanity, and chaos that beckons a new era…

  • Taymar wrote:

    Some of you are scary!

  • Mandraxam wrote:

    Getting fit again running from the zombies.

  • Zombieslut wrote:

    ME! – chainsaw, uzi, handcuffs, gag and some breathmints for those special moments.

  • Cookie wrote:

    The best thing about the zombie apocalypse? No more politicians, no more soap operas, no more Health and Safety Executive!

    Annnnnnd, bonus answer:
    The worst thing about the zombie apocalypse will be lack of internet access.

  • Taymar wrote:

    CONTEST CLOSED! Thank you all for participating, al the responses made me laugh. I chose my ten favorites with some difficulty! The winners should find a beta key in their email. If there are any problems, email me directly.

    (and if any of you would like to review the game for the blog, just let me know!)


  • Kristian wrote:

    the best thing about zombie apocalypse would be that it would eco-friendly. I’m not trying to ssound a like a peace loving hippy but we would no longer have to worry about C02 emissions since the amount of people using cars would plummet since they’re are no longer capable of driving. Another bonus is that we would no longer have to pay our debts to the banks. 😀

  • Dakk wrote:

    The best thing about a zombie apocalipse is the stimulation for healthier habits! Play Call of Duty at home? No thanks, I’m going to take a walk in the park. By the way, headshots are worth double points.

  • Gomu wrote:

    The best thing of a zombie apocalypse would be the change in people’s everyday life. The change of the same old boring routine everybody has to follow every single day. A zombie apocalypse would certainly throw some thrill into one’s life, dangerously of course. And there’s always the opportunity to go outside on a bright sunny day for some zombie killing. Blood spraying everywhere, brains flying. Lovely.

  • BHman wrote:

    If there was a zombie apocalypse, all those zombie games I’ve played and guides I’ve read would finally pay off.

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