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Upon your arrival in Fallen London, you may have been reassured by this common statement:

“Death is not always permanent in Fallen London. This has caused the quiet and unacknowledged revision of certain passages in the bibles of the City’s churches.”

It is true, it is not particularly easy to die in Fallen London. Generally speaking, fatal occurrences up above are merely inconveniences here in the Fifth city. That’s not to say you can’t get hurt. If you find yourself alone with Jack-of-Smiles you will find the experience quite painful. The bite of a Sorrow-Spider can fester and foul. Laudanum may calm the mind but the wear and tear on the body is great. Such encounters will leave wounds deeper than the blackened chasms of the ‘Neath.

You can revitalize yourself, slowly. A quiet day in bed in your lodgings will aid your recovery but it is a dull and dreary process. F.F. Gebrandt’s Tincture of Vigour has been known to help but in high amounts it can cause nightmares which are tedious. And who has time for that, when you have a fortune to seek?

And so you may find that death creeps up on you when you least expect it. You collapse under the weight of your wounds and when your heavy eyes finally open, you are on a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river.

You are dead.

Where does the river go?

The Stolen River that flows into the Unterzee – the one they used to call the Thames – passes through Hell. That’s one reason why you see so many of the dead at the Bazaar. Which in turn is one reason why being dead round here is an inconvenience, not a disaster.

Negotiate with the Boatman

True to tradition, it is always an option to negotiate with the Boatman. This is, of course, not without its risks. The safest option is to give him something that he wants.

Offer the Boatman a sacrifice

Your wounds will decrease, at least a small amount, if you sacrifice your trusting companions. But note that you must have at least one of the companions he is interested in … and he will take all of them if you have more than one.

Your choice:

  • Surrender any Lucky Weasels you’re carrying
  • Surrender any Sulky Bats you’re carrying
  • Surrender any Dazed Raven Advisors you’re carrying

Play chess with the Boatman

The Boatman plays excellent chess but he can be beaten if you are watchful. This is an almost impossible challenge at Watchful 30 and a straightforward challenge at Watchful 86.

If you succeed, you will find your wounds decreasing. But if you lose the game, the boat drifts closer to the far shore and you will find your wounds have worsened.

Dice with the Boatman

The benefit of of a game of chance against the Boatman is that there is no skill involved, only luck. This is, of course, also the downside.

You can roll the dice, your odds are even. If you are fortunate, your wounds will decrease. If the Boatman wins, he will take his pound of your flesh in payment and your wounds will increase.

Other Opportunities

The boat is filled with pale and shivering passengers, which of course means for opportunities. Opportunities to get away and opportunities to stay…

Recall the places you have been

These red-rimmed cards all offer a straight-forward decrease to your wounds with no risk. However, you must have a strong enough recollection of the location in order to have this effect.

Be sure you are recalling specific locations in Fallen London if you choose this route to escape. Other recollections may not have quite the same effect.

Opportunity Card Pre-requisite
Remember the Forgotten Quarter Route: The Forgotten Quarter
Recall the glitter of the Shuttered Palace Route: The Shuttered Palace
Recall the rough camaraderie of Watchmaker’s Hill Dangerous 15
Recall the noise and life of Spite Shadowy 15
Remember the Flit Route: The Flit
Recall scenes from Ladybones Road Watchful 15
Recall glad times at the Singing Mandrake Persuasive 15

Additional Red-rimmed Cards

There are a number of other cards by the boat with no further information: you either accept the action or discard. The majority of these will decrease your wounds … but not all of them.

Opportunity Card Pre-requisite Effect
You remember the Tomb-Colonists Connected: The Tomb-Colonies 1 Decrease to Wounds
Stare at the shore of the living world Decrease to Wounds
Remember where you fell Decrease to Wounds
You’ve unfinished business in the world of the living Fascinating, Running Battle Decrease to Wounds
Trail your fingers in the water Decrease to Wounds
Remember the Regretful Soldier Acquaintance: Regretful Soldier 1 Decrease to Wounds, Increase to Dangerous
Remember a certain hunger… Unaccountably Peckish 1 Increase to Watchful, Increase to Wounds

Final Choices

The remaining cards offer you a little something extra, although it might not always be something that you want.

How Much Can You See of the Far Bank requires your Watchful to be 20. If you choose to peer into the distance, you will gain an increase to wounds, an increase to nightmares and 3 appalling secrets.

Pilfer a few breaths from another passenger is a challenge to your Shadowy ability. If you succeed, you will decrease your wounds. If you fail, you will be caught … but your intended victim will not seek retribution so it is simply an opportunity missed. Either way, your skill at Shadowy will increase.

Take a message to the living world will decrease your wounds and you will be given a task to carry out once you return to civilized society: A Courier to the Dead.

…or you could just give up is always tempting. This will increase your wounds but your nightmares will decrease.

Trail your fingers in water offers a straight-forward decrease to your wounds.

Back in Fallen London

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