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Backyard Monsters has been expanding and there have been enough changes to make me take a further look. If you haven’t tried this game yet, you should look at Tipa’s Social Game Review which gives a great introduction to the gameplay.

Social Game Review: Backyard Monsters – West Karana

Backyard Monsters, a whimsical tower defense game from Desktop Tower Defense creators Casual Collective, is about as cruel with its goo-formed monsters as any sadistic game of Lemmings. You can zap them, shoot them, bomb them, mine them, shoot them, trick them…

If you decide to try this Facebook app, then take a look at Aach’s Getting Started Guide and his tips for the game when you get involved in Player versus Player .

I’ve enjoyed having another look around although at my level, everyone I can attack has max defense. Still, I found Backyard Monsters a pleasant diversion and I have to admit the trashed yards look much better with the new graphics!

My only gripe with Facebook is that I can’t play as my gaming persona. Their conditions state that everyone who signs up must use their real names and that an account name must include full first and last name. They explicitly state that Facebook doesn’t allow fake profiles for celebrities, pets, ideas, or inanimate objects. I would love to mix in the same social circles that I do on MMORPGs and on Twitter but it strikes me as an intrusion to ask everyone their real name and details. Many of the gaming message boards include “add me” requests so clearly many people are adding “friends” based on taking part in a game but I’m not sure I want to do that. I know I can do filters so that GamerGuy doesn’t see my mother’s embarrassing comments on my wall and she doesn’t see his Echo Bazaar questions but it all seems a bit complicated.

Do you play multi-player games on Facebook? And if so, do you stick with friends or include anyone who asks in order to play the game?


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