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Have you started your Christmas shopping? October is drawing to a close and hopefully everyone is thinking about what to get their favorite gamer for a present. Luckily, Wukung is here to help with his short reviews of new games to help you to find the best match.

Wukung has already rated a number of games this year, including Darksiders, Bayonetta, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Mass Effect 2, Dante’s Inferno, BioShock 2, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3, Bad Company 2, Half Minute Hero, BlazBlue, Red Steel 2, Disgaea 2, FFXIII, Just Cause 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Nier, Super Street Fighter IV and Iron Man 2, Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, No More Heroes 2, God of War 3 and Transformers, Demon’s Souls, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Crackdown 2, Monkey Island 2, Limbo, Castlevania!

Here is his latest set of reviews, exclusively available on MMORPG-Info.

With the end of year rush of games in full swing, the release schedule is starting to look very full. Here is the first of hopefully several batches of reviews leading into Christmas.

Alpha Protocol (Xbox 360 played, PS3, PC)

Shooter/stealth action RPG. Some neat ideas are buried under often frustrating gameplay and character models that haven’t quite climbed the uncanny valley. The stealth is poorly implemented. The combat is unengaging compared to the current wave of pure shooters. Alpha Protocol’s strongest aspect is its interactive story telling. There is some fun to be had out of Alpha Protocol but patchy gameplay gets in the way.
6/10 [More…]


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I found this on Unreal Media – a spoof on X-Factor which totally encapsulates the genre to me.

Strip Me Famous is a satirical look at the next generation of reality TV – what will you have to do to become a star next round? It’s got a really sweet pole dancer struggling to stand out from the crowd … and uh, she manages it. I probably shouldn’t laugh – I know people who love reality shows probably find my gaming addiction just as bizarre. But still, this is a perfect parody in my opinion.

This is safe for work – even the wet t-shirt is pixelated out – but your boss might raise an eyebrow at the obvious stripper music and obviously it’s dealing with adult themes and, er, views. [More…]


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Upon your arrival in Fallen London, you may have been reassured by this common statement:

“Death is not always permanent in Fallen London. This has caused the quiet and unacknowledged revision of certain passages in the bibles of the City’s churches.”

It is true, it is not particularly easy to die in Fallen London. Generally speaking, fatal occurrences up above are merely inconveniences here in the Fifth city. That’s not to say you can’t get hurt. If you find yourself alone with Jack-of-Smiles you will find the experience quite painful. The bite of a Sorrow-Spider can fester and foul. Laudanum may calm the mind but the wear and tear on the body is great. Such encounters will leave wounds deeper than the blackened chasms of the ‘Neath.

You can revitalize yourself, slowly. A quiet day in bed in your lodgings will aid your recovery but it is a dull and dreary process. F.F. Gebrandt’s Tincture of Vigour has been known to help but in high amounts it can cause nightmares which are tedious. And who has time for that, when you have a fortune to seek?

And so you may find that death creeps up on you when you least expect it. You collapse under the weight of your wounds and when your heavy eyes finally open, you are on a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river.

You are dead.

Where does the river go?

The Stolen River that flows into the Unterzee – the one they used to call the Thames – passes through Hell. That’s one reason why you see so many of the dead at the Bazaar. Which in turn is one reason why being dead round here is an inconvenience, not a disaster.

Negotiate with the Boatman

True to tradition, it is always an option to negotiate with the Boatman. This is, of course, not without its risks. The safest option is to give him something that he wants. [More…]


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I want to talk about Cow Clicker again.

First, although I don’t play a lot of Facebook games, I’m really glad they exist. It means my more mainstream friends no longer whisper “she spends her free time playing games” in a snide voice when I walk into the room. But another great thing about the Facebook phenomenon is how much conversation is being created as the gaming industry tries to understand what the hell is going on. [More…]


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Backyard Monsters has been expanding and there have been enough changes to make me take a further look. If you haven’t tried this game yet, you should look at Tipa’s Social Game Review which gives a great introduction to the gameplay.

Social Game Review: Backyard Monsters – West Karana

Backyard Monsters, a whimsical tower defense game from Desktop Tower Defense creators Casual Collective, is about as cruel with its goo-formed monsters as any sadistic game of Lemmings. You can zap them, shoot them, bomb them, mine them, shoot them, trick them…