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In March, Wukung gave BioShock 2 an 8/10 rating despite the fact that the story wasn’t as strong as the original game. The third game in the series, Bioshock Infinite, looks like it is going to rectify this by moving outside of the timeline. In Bioshock Infinite you step back into time to the air-city Columbia in 1912.

BioShock Infinite Trailer: Pretentious Analysis Time! –

The floating city of Columbia seems the polar opposite of Bioshock’s Rapture. Obviously, it’s floating as opposed to sunken under the sea, but it’s also a city that is obviously in good repair (at least in the trailer) and functioning. Rapture is more like a tomb, waiting to be washed away. Where Rapture was started by a single individual, there is a definite theme of collectivism/Nationalism in Columbia, as evidenced by the American flags everywhere and the red, white and blue bunting. Overall, it seems like a cautionary tale of American Exceptionalism run amok.

Curious to see what BioShock Infinite is going to look like? Here’s a detailed demo from Irrational Games that was posted on IGN:

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Bioshock Infinite is due out 2012.


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