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There was a fascinating article by Charlie Brooker in the Guardian last week about retraining your concentration span. This came as a result of his overdosing on Internet information.

Google Instant is trying to kill me:

That afternoon, it unveiled a new feature called Google Instant. It delivers search results before you’ve finished typing them. So now, if I visit Google and start typing my own name, it shows me links to Craigslist the moment I hit “C”. When I add the “H”, up pops the homepage for Chase online banking. By the time I’ve spelt out “Charlie”, I’m presented with a synopsis and review score for “Charlie St Cloud”, a film starring Zac Efron. Add a “Br” and Charlie Brown gazes back at me.

As the name suggests, this all happens instantly. It’s the internet on fast-forward, and it’s aggressive – like trying to order from a waiter who keeps finishing your sentences while ramming spoonfuls of what he thinks you want directly into your mouth, so you can’t even enjoy your blancmange without chewing a gobful of black pudding first.

His fix? The Pomodoro Technique which sounds deeply technical but if you read the article, you’ll see that the main effect was that he disconnected his net connection. Shocking to think about, isn’t it? But if you are addicted to checking your inbox while Twitter is sending you notifications of each new tweet and you are compulsively checking to see whether it’s time to click your cow, then this might be your answer. Remove the temptations and just do it – for a short while, then you can check your IMs for anything exciting.

Read the full article for a laugh and a hard look at Information Overload. I am a little bit impressed that Google might finally be driving us back to productivity by offering too much information too quickly!


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