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So I get an email from a friend telling me that Playboy Magazine is getting into video gaming and I should check out their MMO. Seriously, you all. Seriously?
Actually, it isn’t bad. Welcome to Poisonville is a “3D action MMORPG” developed by Bigpoint which went into Open Beta last month. It’s a GTA/APB style game with hot cars and gritty street scenes. I didn’t see any naked girls.

The story: After years of wandering, you’ve come back to your hometown to set things right. Now you’re an outlaw, trying to make your way in this thriving metropolis. Enjoy Poisonville’s impressive 3D graphics right in your browser as you explore the city, buy or steal cars, take on exciting missions or dress in cool gear and hit up the hottest nightclubs. The city is 100% interactive – everything’s possible. You play Poisonville with thousands of other real players, Join one of this online game’s four gangs and fight your way to the top of your ‘hood. Infinite gameplay possibilities make Poisonville a highlight for all online game fans.

There are four gangs in the city and you are assigned to one of them, making the other three your mortal enemies. The goal of the game is straightforward. “Find out who framed you ten years ago and pay them back – with interest. Get a gun and some cool new threads and get even.”

The trailer looks pretty interesting:

You can play in the Open Beta just by signing up with a username and email address. I created a character and was shown a new web page informing me that I was in the Kingston Cartel. I wandered through the Online Store where there were lots of weapons and clothes that I couldn’t afford. I thought it was a nice touch to have aspects of the game as a website so that players can optimize their players while at work when they don’t have access to their primary gaming computer. I was hoping for a tutorial but other than clans (the in-game version of guilds) and the shop, there didn’t seem much to do.

Instead, I hit play and was given my orange-jumpsuited character. The game doesn’t play in my browser but a separate window pops up giving me a few character options. There aren’t a lot of options but you can choose your skin-tone and change your gang.

I then got a slow-moving refresh of my character in a blocky bedroom. Movement is a combination of mouselook and wasd and there was an empty wardrobe which I could open and close using E.

I was a little bit shocked though. The game looked nothing like the trailer.

I chose the medium settings although I have the spec for their “high” option and once it loaded, it seemed to move smoothly but it looked like a CAD mock-up of a game, not the smooth graphics shown in the clip above. I took a job and ran up and down the street – still didn’t see any naked women though. Or actually, any women at all. Anywhere.

The geometry is made up of harsh lines and the city scapes aren’t particularly exciting but as a free-to-play shoot-em-up with a low barrier to entry, I could see this catching on. This isn’t really my type of game and to be honest, I’m not crazy about testing things out in beta. But if you are looking for a fast and fun diversion, this might be right up your alley.


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