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This week, we are looking at Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms, a browser MMO distributed by Ubisoft currently available in France, UK and Germany.

It is quite possible to do well playing Might and Magic without paying a subscription. If you play without a 5 euro per month subscription you are limited in the number of heroes and cities you can control but slow development can be stronger in the long run.

So how do you get started?

The first choice you make is what faction to play. There is not a huge variance so it will not affect the game much but the Necromancers and the Mages seem the most balanced which is good for slow play.


Don’t hire your second hero straight away.

Use the first hero to do the honour quests (the ones that give troops as a reward), fine tune the combats so that you get the maximum exp. is a good site for testing combat results.

Buy Landlord and one point of Charismatic Enlister with your first hero. His next six skill points go into Enlister.

Attack and magic, what more could you need?

Refresh the Tavern daily until you get the option of hiring a Fanatic Sorceror or Disturbed Wizard. These guys are ideal for the second ‘keeper’ but you don’t want to recruit them just yet. If you don’t have one of these in the first tavern hire any of them for the cheap troops (after Charisma) use them to upgrade a mine or two and then dismiss them.

As the fights become harder, you will not have enough troop generation to be able to fight non-stop. You should prioritise mine improvements and intersperse Landlord training between your combats. It will take you about four days to get to eighth level, depending on how quickly you can turn around activity and what types of troops you are faced with.

You can spy on a nearby city, maximising the time spent overnight. This should get 100 to 200 exp depending on how tough the other city is, though there is a risk that you’ll get injured if the other city has a tough hero.

Once you have maximised Enlister, you can enlist the next hero. The extra skill points mean that this guy starts off with some nice skills.

First hero – Landlord, Charismatic Enlister rank 1, Enlister rank 3 then architect skills to develop the second city. He’ should become a merchant too, eventually.


Improve your mines as soon as money becomes available in the following order:

  1. Gold mine
  2. Lumber mill
  3. Ore mine
  4. Rare mine

This is a key part of the long term strategy to use improve rather than upgrade. It will mean you are strapped for cash and develop slowly.

Early on, you can sell your rare production to get the extra cash for mines. Obviously, you should sell them at the peak day and, ideally, season. There isn’t much player economy because you can only trade with nearby people. You will need some rares to upgrade the magic guild so don’t sell looted rares.


In the city you’ll want to build as fast as ore and timber allow. Build the town hall first, this is cheap cash production. Build a market for the quest but don’t worry about the ‘trade 5,000g’ quest. Next you’ll want to be able to produce some archers rather than rely on what heroes bring. Then build a store house and after that a magic guild (for the quest).

After the First Few Days

Might and Magic is very much a team effort. If you are a strong player without a subscription then you should have no trouble getting into a good alliance.

You may be fanatical enough to pay the subscription, if so, point your friends at this article and get them to join in – they’ll develop into good late-game allies.

Each of the 13 tears is a team effort

Hero 2 should be a Fanatic Sorceror or the slightly better Disturbed Wizard; you want zero defence. With the four skill points you can buy this guy ‘Leader’ and two ranks of Harangue.

Straight away, this hero will be stronger than your other hero and will ramp up quickly with levels as he is now the focus. Hero 2 should first train a spell-casting class is to complete the spell-casting quest; magic isn’t really useful until much later in the game. To round off the second hero, you want to take Warrior and a point in each of the classes, most of their development will be in Warrior from now on plus some Diplomacy.

A quick note on fighting battles: when your hero is strong, you sometimes find that having just one type of troop is a good tactic. The Overrun concept is covered quite early in the quest chain but ‘Heroic Overrun’ isn’t very well explained. The best way to complete this quest is to set up an attack so that just one or two of the enemy troops survive, then the next stack is enough of that troop type to get an over run (the fight planner above can be use to fine-tune this).

Second hero:

  • Leadership
  • Harangue 2
  • Spell Casting
  • Warrior
  • Infantry Master 1
  • Marksman 1
  • Tactics 1
  • Rider 1

At this point Diplomat has some merit and is worth a point.


Once your mines are Improved to 4, it is just cost effective to place a research station next to them. It continues to be worthwhile to upgrade the research station but you should improve the mines as a priority.


Work towards being able to produce your own cavalry by making the tier 3 troop housing (if needed by your faction: some factions have tier 3 cavalry).

Buy troops sparingly. The money is better used in development which gets expensive. You can store up to ten times the troop production capacity in troops. You can keep your army ticking over by using diplomacy. Hit the same faction NPCs with a big stack (superior power before bonus), this should mean that either you recruit them or you defeat them with low losses. The recruiting should offset some of your losses on the other 75% of fights.

If they can't beat you...

Hero 3 is, logically enough, a defence hero as you have a support and an attack hero so defence and magic are a good choice: Protector or Illuminated Protector. You won’t need much actual defence just yet so he’s going to fill your support needs with builder and a point in each ‘digging’ skill.

Make Hero 3 a builder. Put one point in each ‘production’ and then then a further point in each unless you are threatened with PvP, in which case choose knight and a magic skill.

By the time you have improved all mines to level 5, you should have pretty much cleared your area and be ready to found a new city. Develop that one in much the same way (NPCs will be tougher) and aim to capture a ‘brown’ abandoned city for your third. You lack a scout and that is going to be rectified with the fourth hero: an attack and magic Ranger / Barbarian.


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