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When looking at new games to make sure you get value for money, it can be useful to get an outside opinion but not everyone has the same taste. A group of reviews balanced against each other can be much more useful for making a decision than a single review without context from the reviewer. As a result, we’ve been running a series of reviews for games for the Xbox, Wii and PS3 to help you better know the pros and cons of the new releases.

Wukung has already rated a number of games this year, including Darksiders, Bayonetta, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Mass Effect 2, Dante’s Inferno, BioShock 2, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3, Bad Company 2, Half Minute Hero, BlazBlue, Red Steel 2, Disgaea 2, FFXIII, Just Cause 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Nier, Super Street Fighter IV and Iron Man 2 and Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, No More Heroes 2, God of War 3! Here is his latest set of reviews, exclusively available on MMORPG-Info.

These reviews have been sitting mostly finished for quite a while but I was planning on finishing Super Mario Galaxy 2. Unfortunately that fell by the wayside due to my Castlevania HD addiction. So I’ve given up worrying about having not finished SMG2, I doubt the last couple of levels would change my opinion much.

Transformers: War For Cybertron (Xbox 360 Tested, PS3)

The campaign wears out its welcome with frequent dull boss fights and excessively long levels. Encounters where you lack any viable cover or the durability to survive in the open provide frustrating difficulty spikes. The ammo capacity on weapons is horrible and leaves you hunting ammo boxes after even the most minor encounter and too frequently completely out of ammo. In contrast the team based multilayer side steps all of the campaign’s problems. Well balanced classes and varied sets of abilities give an strong multilayer component which is sadly hampered by a very slim map selection and unreliable matchmaking.

Demon’s Souls (PS3)

If you can break through Demon’s Souls brutally difficult start there is a deep, atmospheric and very enjoyable game. Much of Demon’s Souls renowned difficulty stems from a seemingly unnecessary lack of guidance given to the player. While this can be offset by using some of the online fan resources it’s a pity that it will be barrier for many to enjoying an otherwise excellent game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Super Mario Galaxy: The Lost Levels in some ways would have been a more accurate title. Fortunately those levels are better than the those of the first Super Mario Galaxy. There is a bit of a difficulty hike overall but the difficulty curve is much more even this time around. The story is stripped down even compared to slim but memorable offerings of the previous game but Mario has never really been about the story.

Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360)

In many ways Crackdown 2 is very similar to the first game and in other ways it’s strikingly different. Reuse of the previous games map with only minor modifications at first feels like a bit of a cop out but the pay off in feeling of continuity makes up for it. The sometimes overly fussy climbing mechanics remain but exploration is still overall enjoyable. The game feels heavily geared towards multiplayer which is a pity since multiplayer is pretty dire. The mechanics are poorly balanced for the PvP matches. Combine limited communication with the lack of structure multiplayer co-operative multiplayer in the campaign for the most part fairly unsatisfying.

Most of the fun is to be found in side tasks and just messing around. Crackdown 2 is distinct enough on top of improvements to make pacific city an enjoyable play ground once again.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge (XBOX 360 (tested), PS3, PC)

Monkey Island 2 with all new graphics and voice overs from the established series voice cast. Compared to MI1: SE the style of the new artwork is much better and the new voice overs are excellent. As much as I love Monkey Island 2, I’ve always felt it is slightly over rated due to some very unintuitive puzzles and a weak final act. However even before the enhancements it still stands up as a great game thanks to some excellent set pieces and great writing. The Special Edition’s hint system and object highlighting mitigates the unintuitive puzzle issues of the original. There is something here, both for people who have never played Monkey Island 2 and those with long held happy memories of it.

Limbo (Xbox 360)

Short but sweet puzzle platformer. Limbo packs Some clever puzzles and a great sense of atmosphere. It’s possible to finish in one sitting and even with its limited length there are some pacing issues with the last half being very barren.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (Xbox 360)

Taking most of its assets from the Nintendo DS Castlevania games, Castlevania HD brings together characters from across the series for multiplayer centric 2D platformer dungeon action. The recent Castlevania games have resembled Metroid or Zelda, while in some ways similar Castlevania HD is more like Diablo. With a very steep level of difficulty at the start and a major grind at the high end, Castlevania HD will be pretty divisive game with many players unable to get along with it and others completely lost in loot lust.


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