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Stargate Resistance is a small-scale TPS (Third Person Shooter) OSV (Over the Shoulder View) Multiplayer Deathmatch game. Stargate Resistance was originally developed and published by Firesky although since launch the development has moved to Dark Comet Games.

Last week, I posted about the Stargate Command classes. Today, we will be looking over the various strengths and tricks of the unique System Lord classes. So grab your staff weapon, sharpen your knives and prepare to fight in the service of your god!


  • Your staff weapon has a special feature: around your cross-hair you will note a orange ring. Once you fire, that ring disappears only to return a few seconds later. This is its charging feature. You can simply fire off your staff weapon repeatedly but, after the first shot, there will be no blast damage and overall damage will be reduced. If you pace yourself then you can shoot off full-power blasts each time, dealing higher damage and blast damage. Remember that blast damage is useful when fighting in a corridor: if you’re finding it hard to hit your enemies, shooting at their feet will make it much harder for them to avoid the blast damage.
  • Sometimes there are simply too many enemies. A group of soldiers all ganged up with their P90’s will drop you before you can say “Kree!” The Shock Grenade makes your life much easier on this count. When thrown, there is a short time after which it explodes, blinding anyone within range. This leaves them blundering and firing wildly, a ripe target for you or your Goa’uld lord.
  • The Staff Weapon is deadly on its own but several Jaffa grouped together and forming a firing line are a recipe for victory. Stick together with fellow Jaffa and you will soon find soldier after soldier falling to your mighty blasts.


  • Your shield is essential to your long profitable life. It defends you against the Turrets of the Scientist, the P90 of the Soldier and both the Sniper Rifle and the Pistol of the Commando. Distract a annoying sentry and suddenly your Jaffa can advance and destroy it with ease, while bullets strike your shield uselessly. Bear in mind that use of any of your other devices will deactivate the shield, leaving you defenceless until it recharges.
  • Your hand device is a powerful weapon, not only destroying the mind of the target while in use but also disorienting him and making it harder for him to shoot back. Use this on any pesky humans who have strayed from the rest, as one-on-one there is very little a victim of the hand device can do to escape it.
  • Your push (right-click while using the hand device) allows you to push your enemies away and disorient them. Whether you push them off a balcony, into a Stargate, down a pit or into the hands of your Jaffa is up to you. Certainly it is useful for beating a tactical retreat (a mighty god would never run away), as your enemy will not only be further away but also left dizzy and unsure of where he is. Remember that pushing might give your targets an advantage as it puts them out of range of your hand device but possibly still in range of their fire arms.
  • Your healing device marks you as a benevolent god, allowing you to cure the ills of your Jaffa and Ashrak, as well as any other fellow Goa’uld. You can heal yourself but you will walk slowly and not heal as fast as if another Goa’uld were healing you. Working in conjunction with another Goa’uld will hasten the process but can also be a weapon in itself. Three Goa’uld healing a charging Jaffa make the Jaffa all but invincible: all his damage disappears nearly as soon as it appears. It bears repeating that even this healing device will disable your shield, leaving you vulnerable.


  • Your cloaking device makes you unique among the classes of both the System Lords and the Stargate Command. It’s not perfect (movement will create shimmering purple patches that might be spotted by an intrepid Soldier) but for the most part it makes you unseen by your enemy. Any attacks will completely collapse the cloak, making you visible and leaving your cloak to recharge. Be aware that crouching, although better for hiding, also makes your trademark Goa’uld eyes light up, making you a beacon in certain situations … a beacon which draws P90 fire.
  • A useful item with varied situational use is your Hara’kash or gem device. This item, when aimed at a Stargate Command enemy, will drain his stamina making him unable to run. It will also restore small amounts of your health. This can be useful if a assassination attempt goes awry but is also useful due to the fact that the cloak will not turn off if you use it. Use the device on an enemy busy with another foe to give your ally a advantage, as well as to restore any lost health, but beware of using it uncloaked, as it will leave you slow for a small while, unable to switch to your knife.
  • Your knife allows you to stab your enemies and although many might joke about “Bringing a knife to a gun-fight”, the weapon is lethal in certain situations. Any blow from behind with the knife is an instant kill, making the combination of your cloak and your knife deadly indeed. It also has decent damage from other angles, and can destroy turrets and dispensers. Remember that attacking with the knife WILL disable your cloak, so position yourself well before breaking your cover.

Now, go forth and trash those insolent Tau’ri! Kree!


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