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I enjoy going to the unexpected districts and seeing some of the less salubrious sights of Fallen London. However, sometimes the timing is not quite what it could be and I really wish to leave in a hurry.

In that spirit, I created this quick reference guide to Scandal. My mother would not be surprised.

You have fled Fallen London for Tomb-Colonies in an attempt to avoid the gossip. Soon, the scandal will die away and you can show your face in society again. But it is somewhat dreary. There must be ways to speed things up, mustn’t there?

Opportunity Cards

Card Description Result
Unwelcome advances Increase to Persuasive and 1 x Confident Smile
A moment of joy Decrease to Scandal and Increase to Hedonist
Remnants Decrease to Scandal
Unorthodox technologies Decrease to Scandal, Increase to Nightmares & Watchful
With friends like these… Decrease to Scandal, Decrease to Persuasive
Causing a scene Decrease to Scandal, Increase to Nightmare
Among the Dead Decrease to Scandal, Increase to Nightmares & Watchful
A friend of sorts Decrease to Scandal and 1 x Sudden Insight
A letter from an old acquaintance (Art) Decrease to Scandal and 1 x Confident Smile
A letter from an old acquaintance (Beauty) Decrease to Scandal and 1 x Confident Smile
A letter from the Comte Decrease to Scandal
The construction of the ‘Grand Sanatoria’ Decrease to Scandal
Lamentable tastes Decrease to Scandal
..I have attended a ball… Decrease to Scandal


A letter to an old flame

Description Prerequisite Result
‘…I have written to the Bishop of St Fiacre’s…’ Connected: The Church 5 Decrease to Church

Decrease to Scandal
‘…I flatter myself the Duchess was fond of me…’ Connected: the Duchess 5 Decrease to the Duchess

Decrease to Scandal
‘….I have a few friends yet in Society… Connected: Society 4 Fortunate:

Decrease to Connected: Society

Decrease to Scandal


Decrease to Connected: Society

Increase to Scandal
‘…I have, with some trepidation, contacted a hooded acquaintance…’ Connected: the Masters of the Bazaar 1 Unknown

The price of forgiveness

Description Prerequisite Result
Send a gift to a fashionable charity 50 x Proscribed Text Increase to Connected: Society

Decrease to Scandal
Send a donation to the revolutionary cause 50 x Primordial Shriek Increase to Connected: Revolutionaries
Increase to Suspicion

Decrease to Scandal
Send a gift to the Church 200 x Foxfire Candle Increase to Connected: Church
Decrease to Scandal

A letter to a trusted friend

Straight-forward Persuasive challenge. Successful result is an increase to Scandal and an increase to Persuasive.



  • Sixes wrote:

    I just got a new card, A tiny square of paper….

    Decrease to Scandal
    1 x Hastily Scrawled Warning Note
    1 x Hard-Earned Lesson
    1 x Hard-Earned Lesson

  • Lady M wrote:

    How the heck do you get out of here ?!? I have gotten rid of my scandal but it says that I have items that equal 1 point of scandal. So, how do I get rid of them? I can’t sell them as I can’t get to the bazaar and I don’t have enough to “gift” as part of the “price of forgiveness”. Am I just stuck here forever? I’ve done about 50 actions on this today trying to get out. HELP!!! Thank you 🙂

  • Taymar wrote:

    Lady M: Check your clothing. If you are wearing something (for example a bonnet or red stockings) that increase your scandal, that could cause you to become stuck in the Tomb Colonies. Take the piece of clothing off and you should be able to escape.

    Yes, I agree that taking your stockings off in public in order to decrease scandal is somewhat counter-intuitive.

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