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MMORPG Info Logo Oblivion Weedcraft

If you are an Elder Scrolls fan then you are sure to love this video by Sam Orchard and Max Mews. As one commenter mentioned, “That was perfect. You can make like a hundred of´╗┐ these and it would be funny as hell every time.”

Or maybe I’m just easily amused. See what you think:

“Don’t you hate it when you want to buy weed but your disposition with your dealer isn’t high enough? We do.”



MMORPG Info Logo Cow Clicker

Have you seen the great new sensation that everyone is talking about? Cow Clicker is a social game by Ian Bogost where you get to click your cow and watch your friends as they click theirs.

Cow Clicker is a Facebook app which encapsulates everything that is great about social games. The game accounts for all different playstyles and makes for riveting gameplay.

Ian Bogost, the developer, explains Cow Clicker in his blog.

You get a cow. You can click on it. In six hours, you can click it again. Clicking earns you clicks. You can buy custom “premium” cows through micropayments (the Cow Clicker currency is called “mooney”), and you can buy your way out of the time delay by spending it. You can publish feed stories about clicking your cow, and you can click friends’ cow clicks in their feed stories. Cow Clicker is Facebook games distilled to their essence.

You start with a single cow and a pasture. In your pasture, you can house your friend’s cow. When your cow moos, the other cows in your pasture moo. Clicking your cow earns them clicks and when they click you get credit. This is viral game sharing at its best. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo APB: Customization

This article is part of an ongoing series about All Points Bulletin, the MMORPG by Realtime Worlds. For an introduction to the game, please see my original article.

One of the fun options within APB is the ability to customize yourself, your clothes and your vehicles. Not only does this give you a unique look that people can recognise from afar but the Marketplace means you can also sell your designs, clothing and vehicle designs to others, either for APB$ (The default non-pay-for cash) or RWP (Real World Points, also known as the pay-for currency).

There are many different stations within the Social District, the area where all the design takes place. Each of them serves a different purpose and all of them have different interfaces that allow for deep customizing of everything your character owns.

In order, Vehicle/Music/Marketplace/Designer/Clothing/Persona

There are six stations in total:


MMORPG Info Logo Scandal and the Tomb Colonies

I enjoy going to the unexpected districts and seeing some of the less salubrious sights of Fallen London. However, sometimes the timing is not quite what it could be and I really wish to leave in a hurry.

In that spirit, I created this quick reference guide to Scandal. My mother would not be surprised.

You have fled Fallen London for Tomb-Colonies in an attempt to avoid the gossip. Soon, the scandal will die away and you can show your face in society again. But it is somewhat dreary. There must be ways to speed things up, mustn’t there?



MMORPG Info Logo Why Real ID is a Really Bad Idea

I don’t usually do editorial links on MMORPG-Info but this is important. On the front page of Blizzard Entertainment you will see the announcement:

With the launch of our new, we’ll be making some changes to how players and Blizzard posters are represented on our official forums. Click here to read about our plans for integrating Real ID into our official forums, learn about the design philosophy behind the changes we’re making, and find out about some other upcoming features designed to make the forums a more enjoyable place to visit.

Ashelia has written a great article for Hellmode explaining why this is crazy talk: Why Real ID is a Really Bad Idea | Hellmode [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Quests and Faction Guides

These posts, which I originally filed under EQ2 Quests and Factions, are no longer being updated. As far as I know, the information in them is still current but I have taken the individual links out of the sidebar.

EQ2 Quests and Faction Guides

If anyone would like to submit up-to-date information, I’m more than happy to post the details.


MMORPG Info Logo APB: All Points Bulletin

APB (All Points Bulletin) is a recently released MMORPG by the talent from Realtime Worlds (of Crackdown fame) and published by Electronic Arts. The game has been in development since 2005, with a long history of delays, recently bucked by a release 3 months earlier than previously expected.

The core idea is a city-wide game of cops and robbers where players can play either side, Enforcers or Criminals and make themselves legends within their chosen faction.

APB‘s server strategy has had many different influences, including the experiences of Realtime World’s Creative Director, Dave Jones, with Dark Age of Camelot. He refers specifically to an incident where a French language server was merged with an English server, causing a language barrier which soured the game for many players. As a result of his experiences, he wanted a MMO that didn’t need large amounts of players on a server to survive, allowing each player to play the game his way, without interfering with what other people wanted to do. To this effect, APB features a interesting method of handling servers. The world is separated within two Districts (or zones): the Social District and the Action District.

The Social District, a 100,000 population server, is where players can socialize as well as customize clothing, tattoos and cars (more on that later). The Action District is where players get into the meaty part of the game, with non-stop chaos and bullets. When a player accepts a job, he (and his group) are taken to one of the many 100-user, low-population servers which comprise the Action District. Within the standard Action District, players may only interact with cars and other players related to their primary mission, so Criminals need not fear getting several groups of Enforcers on their tails randomly. [More…]