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As you pass through the Entrance to the Carnival picking up a refreshment and an education along the way and make your way past the Big Top Tents alongside the sideshows and the games tents, you will find the darker, shadier side of the Carnival. This is where all the exciting things happen.

Beneath the Neath


The carnival’s big wheel lowers brave customers into the earth. It almost always brings them back, too.

It takes two tickets for a gondola to take you down to the depths below Fallen London. Your experience on the big wheel will depend on luck but the odds are in your favor.

Go for a Ride

If you are fortunate, you will have thrills and chills beneath the neath and gain 10 Cryptic Secrets.

Rarely, you may spot an outcrop of Amber and take the chances to collect 90 pieces.

If you are unfortunate, you will run into Jack-of-Smiles. Don’t panic, it isn’t fatal! But you will find your wounds have increased as a result of the encounter.

What’s That?

Scholars of the Correspondence have a further opportunity, the chance to inspect strange writing on the ridges.

Madame Shoshana

Madame Shoshana’s shabby, perfumed little tent is tucked away behind the House of Mirrors. Cross her palm with silver, er, tickets, and choose your method of divination.

Her standard services cost a single ticket. She may also be able to help you with your quests although she charges two tickets if you wish to ask for information.

If luck is against you, you lose nothing but the ticket.

Divination Challenge Result
Have your tea-leaves read Luck 10 Whispered Secret
Have your palm read Luck 10 Whispered Secret
Try the tarot cards Luck 15 Whispered Secret
See what the crystal ball can fortell Luck 15 Whispered Secret
Ask for a romantic prediction Fascinating Increase to Fascinating
Ask for advice on your investigations Investigating Increase to Investigating
Ask for help with artistic endeavours Inspired Increase to Inspired

House of Mirrors

The House of Mirrors squats like an ape in a quiet corner of the carnival. Strange mirrors are labelled in a neat, scholarly hand. It is not a popular attraction. Warning: bad things happen here. Looking into the mirrors is the prerogative of the foolish.

The mirrors are for those denizens of Fallen London with very specific desires. Gazing into the named mirrors will cost you five carnival tickets. The framed mirrors cost only one ticket but only one will show you anything of interest.

Mirror Prerequisite Ambition Result
Dream’s Mirror Nightmares You’ve moved to a new area: A state of some confusion
Heart’s Mirror Wounds You’ve moved to a new area: A slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river
Iron-Framed Mirror Ruthless Nemesis Decrease to Watchful and Ruthless, Increase to Dangerous
Gold-Framed Mirror Hedonist Heart’s Desire Decrease to Watchful and Hedonist, Increase to Persuasive
Bronze-Framed Mirror Subtle Light Fingers Decrease to Shadowy and Subtle, Increase to Persuasive
Lapis-Framed Mirror Melancholy Bag a Legend Decrease to Watchful and Melancholy, Increase to Dangerous


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