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It can be frustrating to be stuck on the wrong side of geometry in a game and I have to admit I’ve sometimes risked a stupid death in order to save travel time.

But I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone do it in real life.

This video shows some stunning scenery of a gorge in Bolivia – and a really bloody frightening way of trying to traverse it. I totally understand not wanting to have to walk down and across that valley just to climb up again at the other side. And I’ll admit, I’m not sure how they rigged up that cable system in the first place. But look at those rusted pulley, held together with bits of string. Would you trust that to take you across?

Deadliest Journeys // Current

This is an extract from Deadliest Journeys which is a series airing on Current TV (Virgin 155, Sky 183) from April.

The series started last Sunday and you can see the scheduling on but I have to admit, I might be watching from behind the sofa!


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