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If you haven’t tried Echo Bazaar yet, you really should take a look. You can read our previous post introducing the game and refer to How to Play Echo Bazaar to get started. Today’s post is focused on a single area within Fallen London.

“Smoke and mirrors! Light and shade! Bright paint and squealing children and the roar of lions! And the music, as a great man once said, is like electric sugar.”

This is the introduction to Mrs Plenty’s Carnival, fun for all the family in Fallen London. The first time around the many stalls and attractions, it can be quite diverting to bounce from place to place, without any real goal. But if you wish to meet with very specific people, it can be useful to know what you will find in the tents before you enter.

When you arrive at the Carnival, you will need to get tickets to use at the stalls. A direct purchase with Moon-pearls guarantees that you will receive ten tickets. With the other options, you have to take your chances.

Note: There is no known way to gain the Amber Carnival Token in game.

Buy Tickets to the Carnival
Cost Bazaar Price Fortunate Unlucky
50 Moon-pearls 150 pennies 10 10
40 Whispered Secrets 80 pennies 10 or 30 5
20 Cryptic Secrets 80 pennies 10 or 30 5
Steal some tickets Shadowy Skill 5 & Increase to Shadowy Increase to Shadowy & Suspicion

Near the entrance you will find the Most Educational Anatomy Exhibition.


Once inside, you will find a number of healthy specimens that you may wish to take a closer look at. This uses your Watchful skill and will cost you one ticket per viewing.

Most Educational Anatomy Exhibition
Specimen Fortunate Unlucky
The male specimen 20 Whispered Secrets
Increase to Watchful & Persuasive
Increase to Watchful, Persuasive & Scandal
The female specimen 20 Whispered Secrets
Increase to Watchful & Persuasive
Increase to Watchful, Persuasive & Scandal
The bandaged specimen 20 Whispered Secrets
Increase to Watchful
Increase to Shadowy & Scandal
The rubbery specimen 20 Deep Amber
Increase to Persuasive & Connected Rubbery Men
12 Cryptic Secrets
Increase to Scandal & Nightmares

Next door is the Refreshment Pavilion where you can receive one-of-a-kind taste sensations, if you dare.

“The pavilion is less civilised than it sounds. Some of its wares are surprisingly tasty, if you’re brave enough to try them. Warning: some foods may damage your abilities.”

Hot Wine and Spore Toffee cost one ticket each, Rubbery Lumps cost two. The result is not affected by any skill but simply a matter of luck.

Refreshment Pavilion
Wares Fortunate Unlucky
Hot Wine Decrease to Nightmares Increase to Scandal
Spore Toffee Decrease to Wounds
Uncommon: 10 x Glim
Increase to Suspicion & Decrease to Wounds
Rubbery Lumps Increase to Dangerous & Persuasive
Rare: Increase to Unaccountably Peckish
Decrease to Persuasive

The next Echo Bazaar post will take us through the Big Top and the Sideshows to see wondrous scenes. Be prepared to find out who your real friends are.

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