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Part Four of our series on PvP in Evony. Be sure to read the PvP overview, Alliances in PvP and PvP on the Offensive first to make sure you know every secret.

Summary: Set up 100 traps and 500 abatis and then focus on Archer Towers for wall defence. Recommended troops: 50,000 to 800,000 archers, 150,000 to 2 million warriors, 1,000+ swordsmen, 1,000+ pikemen, 100+ cavalry. Try to be within 200 miles of many allies, have one ally very close. Leave the gate open.

This post is focused on defending yourself in the late game. If the numbers involved look insane to you, then just scale them down. In the first 3 months few people have cataphracts so you are less vulnerable to cavalry which means that abatis and huge numbers of troops are less important. Scout bombs should be rare too so you can manage with far fewer swordsmen early in the game.

Wall defence should be mostly Archer Towers (ATs) with 100 traps and 500 abatis. As cavalry become more common you’ll want more abatis. If you have very strong archer defence, you can cut back on AT’s and instead use lots of extra abatis. Rolling logs and rock falls are not very good (except maybe against mass Rams).

Always have the gate open – you are vulnerable to severe beating and plunder if you don’t. Closing the gate is a sign of desperation. If your troops are far too weak to repell a particular strong attack (e.g. from a distant ally of a nearby enemy) then it can be a valid tactic to close it until reinforcements arrive or the big force has gone away.

Don’t upgrade your Town Hall to 10. A tenth level Town Hall makes you look like a good target on the map and the benefits are small. The level 10 Rally Point is the first priority for a Michelangelo’s Script. You don’t need level 10 Walls immediately although they should be your next priority. Eventually you won’t care about looking like a target.

The staple defence troop is archers: anything over 50,000 if properly layered will cause an attacker significant losses. If you are rich, an opponent may decide to raid you regardless, particularly if he can cheaply reduce your numbers with a scout bomb.

If your troop is properly layered then 200,000 is a decent force and 400,000 is a solid defence even against a serious assault including cataphracts. 800,000 is excellent but you get diminishing returns. You need to guard archers from scout bombs with swordsmen (or warriors). You also need enough ‘layers’ to make it tough to get at the archers – in PvP one of each troop type is not going to cut the mustard.

Good attackers will send cheap waves to clear your defending troops. Calvary are pretty poor defenders as they are expensive and quickly killed by a warrior wave, pikemen are only slightly better. Massed swordsmen are strong, as are massed warriors. You should have 20% more swordsmen than you have archers (or 2½ times as many warriors as archers) which will make you strong against scout bombs and allow you to survive a fairly strong attack even while off line.

Under Attack!

A decent level beacon tower is going to give you good information about the enemy attackers. Level 6 is good for the first month or so of a server but you’ll soon need level 9 towers everywhere you expect to hold.

If the ‘report bird’ is flashing red then click on the ‘enemy’ tab in reports to see what is coming at you. Don’t panic! Most importantly, this tells you when the enemy will arrive which allows you to develop the perfect strategy to meet them.

If your aggressor is sending a scout bomb then let his troops run into your massed swordsmen (if you have them) or just close the gate and let them hit the Archer Towers. For any other assault you want to leave only your mass of archers, mass of swordsmen and one of each other troop.

If you are being targeted with multiple attacks, hit send (or recall) one of each troop (a layer) to arrive before each attack (except scout bombs which you deal with as above). This can be tricky fiddling with the ‘camp’ time and hitting the ‘send’ button at just the right time. If in doubt organise a layer before and after each attack and if you are really pushed then organise for layers of 10 so you can use the ‘heal’ as an extra layer creation.

Very smart attackers will have many attacks land within a few seconds of each other or at the same second. Simply make sure that you have a load of layers arrive at that second too. If you are lucky and get a layer to land just before their main cavalry assault, you’ll defeat them easily. If you don’t, then you should take the brunt of the damage to the swordsmen screen. If you are unlucky and it all goes very badly with lots of enemy archer waves getting through, then you may lose the army in that city.

Finding these tips helpful? The PvP posts to follow are just what you need to master the game so stay tuned!

Aach has reached the top ten prestige list and the top of the honor ranks without spending a penny.

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    My suggestion is to include the archer’s coat, necklace and headgear in its defense against another archer, thereby causing archers ot focus on ALL of thier gears instead of just their talismen and boots.

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