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MMORPG Info Logo Scouts in PvP

This is the final post in our series on how to increase your success in PvP in Evony. Be sure to read the PvP overview, Alliances in PvP, PvP on the Offensive and Defensive PvP first to make sure you know every secret.

Summary: You should either have over 300,000 scouts or zero scouts per city. It costs a lot to remove 300,000 (or more) scouts so amass millions when you’re on a war footing. Remember that a scout bomb can demolish unscreened enemy archers. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Death Slide Home

It can be frustrating to be stuck on the wrong side of geometry in a game and I have to admit I’ve sometimes risked a stupid death in order to save travel time. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Yakuza 3, Bad Company 2, Half Minute Hero and more

2010 has been packed with new games but thank goodness we have Wukung to help us wade through the titles. These are predominantly single-player games with a bias towards the Xbox.

Previous games rated: Darksiders, Bayonetta, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Mass Effect 2, Dante’s Inferno, BioShock 2, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Heavy Rain



MMORPG Info Logo Mrs Plenty’s Carnival: The Entrance

If you haven’t tried Echo Bazaar yet, you really should take a look. You can read our previous post introducing the game and refer to How to Play Echo Bazaar to get started. Today’s post is focused on a single area within Fallen London.

“Smoke and mirrors! Light and shade! Bright paint and squealing children and the roar of lions! And the music, as a great man once said, is like electric sugar.”

This is the introduction to Mrs Plenty’s Carnival, fun for all the family in Fallen London. The first time around the many stalls and attractions, it can be quite diverting to bounce from place to place, without any real goal. But if you wish to meet with very specific people, it can be useful to know what you will find in the tents before you enter.

When you arrive at the Carnival, you will need to get tickets to use at the stalls. A direct purchase with Moon-pearls guarantees that you will receive ten tickets. With the other options, you have to take your chances. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Defensive PvP

Part Four of our series on PvP in Evony. Be sure to read the PvP overview, Alliances in PvP and PvP on the Offensive first to make sure you know every secret.

Summary: Set up 100 traps and 500 abatis and then focus on Archer Towers for wall defence. Recommended troops: 50,000 to 800,000 archers, 150,000 to 2 million warriors, 1,000+ swordsmen, 1,000+ pikemen, 100+ cavalry. Try to be within 200 miles of many allies, have one ally very close. Leave the gate open.

This post is focused on defending yourself in the late game. If the numbers involved look insane to you, then just scale them down. In the first 3 months few people have cataphracts so you are less vulnerable to cavalry which means that abatis and huge numbers of troops are less important. Scout bombs should be rare too so you can manage with far fewer swordsmen early in the game.