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Last October, I wrote about Funcom’s New MMORPG: The Secret World. It’s been a bit quiet since then but now Funcom have released a trailer on giving us the first public glimpse of gameplay.

The Secret World is getting a lot of attention, with these reviews posted out with the current newsletter:

From the newsletter:

At the Game Developer Conference, journalists from all over the world had the chance to sit down and talk to game director Ragnar Tørnquist and actually see the very first gameplay footage. First impressions are still rolling in from the press, and here is just a few examples:

"Funcom’s The Secret World has reinvigorated my excitement for massively multiplayer games… It’s eerie and something more akin to Silent Hill than a MMO, and I absolutely love it"- G4TV

"No leveling, no specific character classes — no Orcs? In short, what really struck me about The Secret World is how different it is." – Joystiq

"The voice acting is tremendous, and the cinematics themselves are very well-made."Massively

"With its streamlined and flexible character development, promise of abundant loot and avatar-pimping options, slick presentation shorn of the typical MMO interface-creep, strong sense of atmosphere and place and character – and of course, with its clever splicing of down-to-earth contemporary setting with catch-all dark fantasy – The Secret World is already a very appealing MMO." – Eurogamer

"Even after the second visit to the dark parallel world of The Secret World it’s clear: here we have an absolutely fantastical gaming experience coming together." – Buffed

Looking for even more details? The official website, Dark Days Are Coming, includes new screenshots and the forums are buzzing with an 40-page thread discussing the trailer.

The achievements and skills system definitely has my interest. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high but this definitely looks like a game to keep an eye on.


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