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Part Two of our series on PvP in Evony. Be sure to read the PvP overview first to make sure you don’t miss a trick!

Summary: Keep your play times and ‘online’ status quiet, even from your own alliance. Get into a good alliance with experienced players. Use your army to defend others. Communicate to set up traps.

Don’t join an aggressive guild (the ones who declare war on everyone). Don’t be afraid to drop from an alliance if you get access to a stronger one; this is particularly true early on. It costs prestige to leave unless you can get someone to expel you. Try to get into an alliance of experienced players.

Watch out for intrigue and spies: if your alliance is strong then it is worth infiltrating.

Try to not be the key member of your alliance – the smart enemy alliances will target you personally to mess up your alliance. When you mail someone via the alliance interface you can choose to mail it to everyone; this can be handy for generic advice, links to guides etc…

If you leave an alliance for any reason try to leave on good terms.


Subterfuge is critical. When you are online you are almost invulnerable but offline you are just 3 hours away from destruction so do not advertise your play times. Never speak in ‘world chat’.

Downtown's enemies now know his time zone

Assume that there are spies in your alliance: don’t speak when you first log on and never say ‘good night’! Try to use a third party chat such as ventrilo to co-ordinate or strategise. If you feel you must respond to someone then do so in a private chat or log off and then back on so it appears as if you just logged on in time to respond. Do not always respond immediately (or even the same day) to emails, tells or even attacks.

Alliances in defence

The main advantage of an alliance is that you can send troops to garrison each other. Check the War reports under Alliance tab periodically, if you see a string of ‘defence’ entries you may need to reinforce. This works best if you are close to each other. More than 90 minutes journey time is impractical (about 200 miles for archers assuming a L8 Relief station and L10 tech).

Troops garrisoned in someone else’s city eat their food (garrison returns home when it runs out). If the city has none then you need to send food with the army and you may need to transport food to them. Also, defending troops use the city owner’s technology levels in battles. Reinforcing or transporting to someone with a much higher prestige can result in loss of troops en route.


Some alliances create nests with lots of their cities within 5 miles of each other. This looks cool on the map but is more vulnerable.


These before and after images span a period of less than 7 days. Apart from being a target rich environment, consider that there is no room for NPCs. What were the defending armies going to eat in the long run?

Alliance members will often ‘give’ a nearby developed city to a weaker ally.

Try to encourage an active ally to have a city very close to yours – about 10 miles – so that you share security concerns.

If you can organise to have an active ally nearby who is on a different time zone than you that is terrific – it will be tough to catch you both napping.

Using your strong army to defend an ally is a good way to weaken an enemy alliance without drawing attention to yourself nor gaining honor. L8 Relief Stations let you move troops to support people quickly and easily, L10 Relief Station is the next step at six times speed. I’ve clocked my scouts traveling at Mach 2.7 so them horses must fart rocket fuel.

String of Attacks

Monitor the Alliance ‘combat reports’ log so that you can reinforce anyone under assault. If weak players who are under attack are online, they can tell you the exact arrival time (and hopefully composition of) the attack. Use ‘camp timer’ to get your troops to reinforce them just ten seconds before the attack lands. You’ll devastate the attacking army and they’ll lose their enthusiasm for attacking your alliance.

Alliance in Attack

A strong enemy can be removed by combining forces.

  • one alliance member builds up scouts to ensure you get a report
  • another provides scouts for scout bombs
  • others send huge armies
  • while the nearby guys muster cavalry, archers and warriors to clear the defences and reduce loyalty.

If you can co-ordinate this to happen while the target is offline and their alliance doesn’t notice, then you can destroy the strongest army.

Finding these tips helpful? The PvP posts to follow are just what you need to master the game so stay tuned!

Aach has reached the top ten prestige list and the top of the honor ranks without spending a penny.

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