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This is the beginning of the PvP section of our series on how to succeed at Evony without paying money.

Be sure to read the previous posts in order to maximise your chances of success at these strategies: City Placement, Evony Heroes, Production and Playing the Market, Leveling heroes and farming medals and Combat.

Summary: Play towards the long game, build up strategically. Get into a decent alliance. Avoid getting honor.

You probably just started playing Evony because it is advertised everywhere, but you’re probably still playing it because it’s like a multiplayer ‘Civilisation’.

In the initial stages, alliances are jostling for position near the top of the prestige ranks.

Coalitions of alliances are forged, alliances collapse and reform.

Try to build up quickly in peace but be careful not to appear weak. Send an email to anyone who scouts you and to any of your neighbours to be clear that you are not aggressive. If they threaten, then say you’ll respond but only enter a dialogue with people likely to co-operate in keeping your region peaceful.

A solid defence should put most attackers off but you may need to co-ordinate an attack with neighbours against a tough local.

Then the real territorial wars start.

Millions of troops from several players attack simultaneously and a city that took months to build can be ‘barbed’ (captured and abandoned) in a matter of hours, or an army that took months to build could lay in ruins at the foot of a well defended wall. You want to be well placed for this devastating section of the game.

Three Minutes of Attacks

Getting into a decent alliance is important but unless you’ve gone into the game with a group of friends you are going to be taking pot luck. Initially, simply being in an alliance is enough to deter attackers. As the game progresses, you’ll need to be in a reasonably well thought of alliance (i.e. a high total prestige). I’ll deal with alliances more later.


Honor is calculated in any clash of troops as the ‘value’ of the troops lost by one side minus the value of troops lost by the other, the winner of this (even if they lose the fight) gains that amount of honor.

Honor is a two-edged sword, the more honor you have the fewer troops you recover when you ‘heal’ from a PvP fight.

This means that you can win a fight but after you both ‘heal’ you’ve lost more troops than your enemy. A high or respectable honor level can, however, deter casual attackers or intimidate a target into submission.

Most people like to ‘shed honor’. This means that they use a mass of weaker troops to attack a fortified position (scout bombing for example) before their main force shows up. They will lose a lot of troops on the first fight but nothing that is difficult to replace and then get rid of their honor while forcing honor onto their opponent.

Finding these tips helpful? The PvP posts to follow are just what you need to master the game so stay tuned!

Aach has reached the top ten prestige list and the top of the honor ranks without spending a penny. He has written a whole series on playing Evony more successfully, which will be appearing exclusively on MMORPG Info over the next few weeks. Subscribe to the feed to be sure not to miss it.


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