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Brewday is back with a new quest, a limited collection and new crafted items. This year the live event will last until the 22nd of March.

If you’re doing all the quests there’s a lot of running around involved.

Luckily, I met a ratonga brigand at Brell’s Bar who was celebrating as she had just completed all of the Brew Day activities. She was exhausted but happy. She told me she’d worked out the best route for getting everything completed so I offered her a drink to tell me of her exploits. Typical ratonga, she accepted the drink but then after she drank it, she told me she wasn’t sure she wanted to share her secrets. Luckily, I spotted a sheet of paper tucked into the back pocket of her backpack. I bought her another drink or two, until she was quite merry and not paying quite so much attention and then I stole liberated her notes. I must admit, they look very helpful for getting everything done with a limited amount of backtracking. Here’s a copy:

Pickett’s Brewday travel path:


Speak to Brell (the Avatar of Below) for the quest Beers for Brell
He wanders around the fields to the east of the Qeynos Gates.

Once you have his quest, proceed east to the lower levels of Blackburrow.


Pick up a sample of Blackburrow Stout from The Blackburrow Brewery at 20,-40,59.
If you are a lower-level character, the safest route is to jump down waterfall. There is just one pair of heroics between you and the keg.
Pick up Bixie Honey Lager, Windstalker’s Hard Cider and Crossroads Ale for your Brews Across Norrath collection.

Return to Antonica and use the portal at 65,-20,5 at the North Qeynos gates to go to the Bar of Brell

The Bar of Brell

Speak to Gergy Gigglegibber for your ginger ale. Purchase ale from Mraugl Stonecrusher and give to Gergy.
Get Brell’s Everlasting Brew from Rasel Alechaser
Get Ale Goggles from Gilin Rockbreath
Get Valla Brewhammer’s Special Brew from Valla Brewhammer
Get Snoogle’s Presentation from Snoogle Blizted
Purchase crafting recipe book from Balin Copperfoot
Go upstairs to the private lounge to speak to Jimmy Runner and get the barley
Pick up Somborn Sanguine Ale, Miner’s Milk and Bog Water Brew for your Brews Across Norrath collection.

Once you’ve completed all that, you can use the portal. Exit to Timorous Deep or Greater Faydark to take a carpet to Sinking Sands.


Speak to Amorous Ali at -228,161,-96 for Love on the Coast drink
Take the Sinking Sands carpet to Darklight Woods or Qeynos Harbor and run or use the bells to go to the Commonlands.


Harvest pure water from any water source (do this first before drinking)
Run to Pride Lake and sip from Snoogle’s Special Flask
Collect pink elephant from around 432,-47,-331.

Rush to spires to get to Enchanted Lands before the drink wears off.

Enchanted Lands

Collect a strange cabbage from the tree in front of the docks at 57,-1,14
Run towards Runnyeye to Charvis Drunkhoof at 92,25,-692. Tip him over to get his Hero Brew.

Return to the docks to travel to Nektulos Forest.

Nektulos Forest

Jump into the water at the docks to collect pure water.

Use the dock bells to make your way to Feerrott.


Run to the tunnel by the dock and sip from Snoogle’s Special Flask
Pick up a Small Lizard Toy from 74,4,-93

Rush to bell on the dock to get to Thundering Steppes before the drink wears off.

Thundering Steppes

Put on Gilin’s Ale Goggles and find Gurag Bloodwart at -573,-14,-486. Take off goggles and get update.
Run to Thundermist Village
Sip Snoogle’s Special Flask if needed and collect flying pig from the stables at 562,3,-133
Run to 595,-1,-60 and tip over Betsy then run to 549,-0,-67 to steal some of Prew’s Hops.
Collect pure water from around the docks.
Take boat to Butcherblock.


Speak to Glug Irontoe at 692,24,602 for update.
Take the griffon towards Greater Faydark and get ready to jump off. You need to watch for Tumpty Irontoe on the road in front of Kaladim somewhere around -278,150,-420 and then speak to him to get Liquid Courage.
Return to the docks and drink the Liquid Courage. After streaking, collect your Tumpy Tonic Max from Tumpy Irontoe.

Take the griffon to Timorous Deep.


Put on Gilin’s Ale Goggles and find Smurg Fleshreaper on the beach at 2159,21,1167. Take off goggles and get update.
Put the ale goggles back on and find Tarcha Niba’dn at 2341,20,1339 at the docks. Take off goggles and get update.

Use the portal to return to the Bar of Brell and then exit to Antonica or Commonlands and take the wizard spires to Antonica.


Travel to Windstalker Village.
Pick up pure water from the lake.
Put on Gilin’s Ale Goggles and find Dala Plateheart at -1908,-36,-618 at the Tavern.
Return to the fields east of the Qeynos gates to find Brell and complete quest.

Bar of Brell

Speak to Rasel Alechaser and read the Prayer to Brell he gives you. Drink from the wooden mug in the Sanctorium of Brell and then return to Rasel to complete the quest.

Speak to Snoogle Blitzed to complete his quest.

Speak to Gilin Rockbreath to complete quest and receive Improved Ale Goggles. Now you are able to complete Valla’s quest.

Put on the Improved Ale Goggles and go to any of these locations: Antonica, Commonlands, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood or Timorous Deep. Gorowyn in Timorous Deep seemed the best location for quickly collecting the bushes.


Whilst wearing the Improved Ale Goggles, search around the grassy areas for shrubs with a green sparkle effect which are called bountiful Brewday gardens. These are common in the grassy areas where there are the standard shrub harvests (salty gardens).

In Commonlands, harvest around the wizard spire area and in Antonica search around the water.

Bountiful Brewday gardens have a variety of harvests:

  • wild yeast
  • nobel hops
  • golden grapes
  • emerald clovers
  • Brell barley

You need one of each of item in order to complete Valla’s quest. You’ll also use these items for the brewday crafting recipes. The emerald clovers are rare and you’ll need one for the quest, one for each backpack, and one per set of three meat pies.

Bar of Brell

Speak to Valla Brewhammer to complete her quest.

Get a Drink

Many of the traditional bars in Norrath have the remaining drinks you need for the collection. EQ2i has a full list of locations.

Pick up Sapling’s Raspberry Lambic, Ashfall Crag Lager and Claymore Ale to complete your Brews Across Norrath collection.

If you’re not doing all the quests just skip the bits you don’t need and adjust travel destinations as necessary. Don’t forget that you can now travel directly among all the spires.

You can’t do Valla’s quest nor collect the tradeskill harvests until you’ve completed the Ale Goggles quest from Gilin Rockbreath. The bountiful Brewday gardens will disappear after the event so if you wish to keep using the crafted recipes you will need to stock up.


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