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This is Part Five of our series on how to succeed at Evony without paying money.

Be sure to read the previous sections in order to maximise your chances of success at these strategies: City Placement, Evony Heroes, Production and Playing the Market and Leveling heroes and farming medals.

Summary: Archers are key troops, they need to be layered to be effective. Try to fight a lot and scout so you know you’ll win. Develop “combat technology” and “hero attack” for an advantage. Ballista is a key troop for farming.

Archers are the best troop type in most circumstances. Whoever designed the combat in this game seems to think that the Battle of Agincourt was typical.

The main combat strategy is to layer (or rainbow) one of each infantry troop with a mass of archers (exceptions detailed below).  Valleys ranging from level 1 to 3 never have archers in them: you can guarantee a win with 50 archers and rainbow (1 warrior, 1 pikeman, 1 swordsman and 1 worker) and probably much less.

Once you have scouts and a decent Informatics technology you can take on Level 4 and higher valleys.  Send one scout per valley level and if your Informatics tech is equal to the valley level you’ll get some info which you may have to interpret [].  Informatics is an important technology – low level becon tower will limit scouting too.

You need an equal number of archers to the number of troops the enemy has in his largest group  and at least triple the number of archers he has. You can omit the worker and/or warrior from the ‘layer’ to speed up travel time but it is a risk, especially if there are several troop types in the defending force (these act like an enemy layer).  More archers is safer.

All foot soldiers (no archers)
Send archers layered with 1 of each foot soldier.

All archers
Send cavalry and 1 scout.

Archers and foot soldiers
Send twice as many archers layered with 1 of each foot soldier type (some loss).

In the above example the worker and warrior could have been omited to speed up march time.

All cavalry
Send 1 ballista, triple the archers.

Cavalry and foot soldiers
Send 1 ballista and archers plus rainbow.

Archers and cavalry
Send double archers plus 25% more sword (losses).

Bit of everything
Send archers plus 25% more sword plus layer (losses).

These assume equal tech and a competent hero and are probably overkill.  If you get a vague scout report you can still take a shot particularly if there is a single troop type.

You should eventually be in a position to overpower valley attacks with a large army and, if you have significant overkill, you can reduce any losses you are likely to sustain by using a high intelligence hero. Even level 10 valleys can be hit for little or no losses.

Technology and hero level influence the battle outcome. Valleys have technology equal to their level. There are heroes in valleys of level 4 and above (which is why some over kill is recomended – a tough hero in defence can give you a shock loss).

It is a game of perfect information so you could work out exactly the right troop make-up to send to any particular fight but it really isn’t worth the effort. Just do a rule of thumb as indicated above and send the attack.

Fighting NPC cities (barbarians) is done mainly with ballistae and transports. Ballistae are slow to build so NPC farming takes a while to get going. shows how many you need for each level of NPC (you can cut back as hero attack level raises and that may let you attack more simultaneously) and explains the danger zones of archery and Horse Back Riding (HBR) technology for attacking a level 5 NPC (which you’ll do a lot of – they have 3 million food which refreshes every 8 hours). Tivie’s battle calculator is pretty good for NPC fights. Hod’s has a good guide on level 10 capture, don’t bother until you have a level 10 Rally Point. Scroll down the Hod’s guide for the level 10 version.

If you ever lose a fight, make sure you repair the hero’s loyalty back to 100% using a cash reward. Heroes are very important and you’d be foolish to lose one for the sake of a few gold.

By farming local NPCs you can sustain a huge hungry army and use it to attack valleys or players. Eventually you’ll be attacking Level 10 NPC cities with your main army but that is a ways off.

Finding these tips helpful? We have another full set of posts based on PvP yet to come!

Aach has reached the top ten prestige list and the top of the honor ranks without spending a penny. He has written a whole series on playing Evony more successfully, which will be appearing exclusively on MMORPG Info over the next few weeks. Subscribe to the feed to be sure not to miss it.


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