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This is Part Four of our series on how to succeed at Evony without paying money.

Be sure to read the previous sections in order to maximise your chances of success at these strategies: City Placement, Evony Heroes, and Production and Playing the Market.

Executive summary: Attack each valley you can every hour. Attack often to level heroes. Scout L8 to L10 valleys for easy targets. Capture valleys to stop them changing on server restart.

Once you have the maximum number of valleys captured you can continue to attack valleys – this gives experience, loot, resources and (rarely) a medal. Each valley can drop a medal once per hour. If you do not have a target rich environment (e.g. you can only attack low level valleys) then you can release a captured valley to refresh the troops and loot. However, this does *not* refresh the medal drop chance, that is fixed hourly.

It works like this:

  1. Attack a valley (‘A’) and capture it.
  2. Attack another nearby valley (‘B’). It is now empty.
  3. Release the valley ‘A’
  4. Attack the valley ‘B’ again and capture it
  5. Now attack ‘A’ which is full of troops (exp) and loot
  6. Release valley ‘B’
  7. Attack valley ‘A’ again and capture it.

Repeat the whole sequence again to get lots of exp and some lumber, stone or whatever.

Troops in a valley refresh on a server tick so it is worth sending a modest force to recapture an ’empty’ valley unless you know when the server ticks and are not at risk of a respawn. In that case, capture the empty valley with 1 scout.

There is a lot of guff out there in Internetland about medal drops. The drop rates and mechanics have been tweaked as it is the main thing that people buy with cash. You want to be hitting Level 10 valleys as medals drop much less commonly as you go down in valley level.

The type of valley also influences the type of medal – rose medals, for example, drop most commonly from flats which has made rose medals extra rare as flats are quickly turned into NPCs.

Any medal can drop from anywhere but at the moment it seems that the following improves chances of specific medal drops.

  • Rose: flats
  • Lion: hills/grasslands
  • Honor: forests
  • Fredom: swamps
  • Wisdom: deserts/ random
  • Courage: hills
  • Nation: hills
  • Justice: swamps/deserts

Drop rate is almost 10% from level 10 valleys and, as you can hit the same valley every hour, the medals will come quite quickly enough that you should not need to buy them.

You can hold as many valleys as you have town hall levels. All valleys (except ones held by players) gain one level at server restart (variable time but generally early morning US time) and level 10 valleys become level 1. So if you are farming a particular level 10 valley for medals then make sure you hold it during the server restart.

Sometimes a server will restart again in the middle of the day, but it is rare.

Finding these tips helpful? The next posts will focus on combat and PvP!

Aach has reached the top ten prestige list and the top of the honor ranks without spending a penny. He has written a whole series on playing Evony more successfully, which will be appearing exclusively on MMORPG Info over the next few weeks. Subscribe to the feed to be sure not to miss it.


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