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I have always had advertisements on this website and deep down, I’ve always hoped that I might make enough money from it to support my gaming habit.

To be honest, it’s never even covered my monthly Everquest 2 subscription. I get to take part in interesting discussions and I’ve met a lot of new people, so I’m really not complaining. I don’t think very many people actually make money from their hobbies. But I have kept an eye out for advertisement and sponsorship opportunities anyway, just to defray the costs.

That’s how I stumbled upon ebuzzing, a French advertising company who was just starting to expand into the UK.

I specifically like the system because of the freedom it allowed. They listed a number of different “campaigns” and I could choose whether I wished to take part in one or not. They actively encourage bloggers to take part in only those campaigns that are relevant to their blog. I initially signed up and didn’t see anything that particularly caught my eye and then the Quitter’s Arcade campaign came up and I decided to try the system. The specifications were pretty simple – I had to write a minimum number of words (usually 250) which included a specific link to the Quitter’s Arcade website and I had to mark the post as sponsored.

I liked that I could write posts which fit in with the style of the blog – and especially that I wasn’t being pushed to write about subject that I had no interest in. Ebuzzing makes me aware of campaigns that I would not otherwise find and gives me the option to write about them or promote a video if I choose to – or do nothing if I don’t.

You can see the two articles I chose to write: Quitter’s Arcade and SmallRivers.

I get a lot of mail from people who would like me to write about their game or product – as do most Game bloggers, I think – so I don’t have an issue with this. I like this system as the choice still resides with me and I can focus on including content that I think might be interesting to you.

Ebuzzing is now fully operational in the UK and I received an email asking if I would like to share the announcement with my readers. I thought about it for a bit and then decided, yes, I would.

I know a lot of you have blogs of your own and might be looking for opportunities to cover costs. Besides, as more bloggers take part, more advertisers will sign up, allowing for more choice for me when I look through the campaigns. So everybody wins!

The details are pretty simple. There are three different options for “monetising” your blog:

  • Video campaigns with a dedicated player
  • Video campaigns using “syndicated players” and banners
  • Articles written about brands and services that you want to recommend to your readers

They have a good advertising base already, including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.

The video campaigns are pay-per-view and are generally limited to specific regions, much like traditional blog advertising. The difference is that you can choose which advertisements you want to display and how you want to display them rather than random content appearing on your page.

The content creation campaigns have a set price per article and a wide-open spec. You’ll generally have a minimum wordcount and you may be asked to mention specific features (so for Quitter’s Arcade, for example, I was specifically asked to mention that you could embed the video for blog competitions) but in no way are you given an agenda.

The focus is on getting people talking, not telling them what to say, which is a lot of the reason why I’m comfortable working with them.

It’s free to register on and take a look at the current campaigns, which cover France, the UK, Germany, the US and Spain.

Note: This article, about Ebuzzing Monetisation, is in fact part of the ebuzzing content creation system – so that’s three articles I’ve written. And I stand behind every one. 🙂

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