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This is Part Two of our series on how to succeed at Evony without paying money. You should read Part One, City Placement, first.

Evony is a real-time game and the secret is to optimise what your cities are doing and make good use of heroes. Your opponents are doing the same – so you need to be better.

Part Two: Heroes

By now you should have the following in your developed cities:

  • 4 x Cottages level 2
  • Sawmill level 2
  • Inn
  • Sawmill
  • Farm
  • Quarry
  • Ironmine
  • Rally Spot
  • Barracks
  • Feasting Hall

Executive summary: Keep inn at level 1, demolish to reset it. One base stat 65+ hero per stat. Level these three key heroes fast. Keep hero loyalty at 100%.

Don’t build the Inn above level 1, you don’t get better quality heroes and higher level heroes just confuse you about their real base stats.You’re looking for a base stat above 65. 

A hero has base stats plus one to a stat per level.  When you find a hero the points will be allocated quite randomly.  Holy Water is best spent on a hero you are certain to keep (e.g. a Level 5 hero with a 71 stat).

You want one hero for each stat so you’ll need at least a level 3 Feasting Hall to host them. To start with you only need politics but you’ll want all three and then more attack heroes as time goes on.

 To refresh the Inn demolish it and rebuild it.  It takes about 30 to 60 minutes to find each decent hero. If resources are expensive it may be cheaper to just hire and sack the incumbent hero, this is quicker. Do not use ‘hero hunting’, they’re useful later.

Your aim is to have at least three heroes: one with high int, one with high attack, one with high politics. Any further heroes should be high attack.  Max their loyalty with frequent cash payments.

Swap in the Attack Hero when you start a troop build, swap in the Inteligence Hero when you start research and have the Politics hero the rest of the time.

Once you have three heroes with good stats, concentrate on getting them experience. Send them on attacks constantly. Even the politics hero should be attacking nearby things.

Captured heroes are almost always worthless and too high level to be sure of their base stats.  Heroes captured from players can be worth having.

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Interested in hearing more? Aach has reached the top ten prestige list and the top of the honor ranks without spending a penny. He has written a whole series on playing Evony more successfully, which will be appearing exclusively on MMORPG Info over the next few weeks. Subscribe to the feed to be sure not to miss it.


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