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EverQuest II Sentinel’s Fate expansion is fast arriving – only a few more weeks! It includes a new tier of crafting (with hundreds of new recipes) and a great new set of items to harvest in order to make those items.

Before every expansion, I make a point of getting every character to the cap, so that they can hit the ground running in the new lands. Harvesting caps at 400 for level 80 characters (whether adventure or tradeskill) and I’ll be going through all of mine to make sure they have reached that skill level. Also, I like to have a good supply of top level harvests to hand so I can start levelling up my crafting immediately. I will get a level or two using the known recipes before using the new harvests for the recipes of Odus.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of alts and not all of them are as hardworking as they should be. So I have to put in a concerted effort now to get their harvesting up to scratch. That’s why I have put together this quick reference guide so that I can efficiently harvest without a lot of searching.

Here is my list of questions: Everything I ever wanted to know about Norrathian harvesting but was afraid to ask!

What are the materials that I can harvest in each tier?
Harvested Materials

Where should I go to harvest them?
Harvesting by Zone

How can I harvest quicker?
Harvesting Tools

How can I avoid attacking badgers when I’m trying to harvest stones?
Utility Macros

Are there harvesting quests I can do while I am skilling up?
Duggin the Hungry Halfling

What’s this about a Signature quest that’s all about harvesting?
A Gathering Obsession

How do I get magma fish?
Sathirian Specialities: Cooking with Magma Fish

What else do I need to know? Drop me a line in the comments with your favorite tips and tricks!


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