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MMORPG Info Logo Ebuzzing

I have always had advertisements on this website and deep down, I’ve always hoped that I might make enough money from it to support my gaming habit.

To be honest, it’s never even covered my monthly Everquest 2 subscription. I get to take part in interesting discussions and I’ve met a lot of new people, so I’m really not complaining. I don’t think very many people actually make money from their hobbies. But I have kept an eye out for advertisement and sponsorship opportunities anyway, just to defray the costs.

That’s how I stumbled upon ebuzzing, a French advertising company who was just starting to expand into the UK.

I specifically like the system because of the freedom it allowed. They listed a number of different “campaigns” and I could choose whether I wished to take part in one or not. They actively encourage bloggers to take part in only those campaigns that are relevant to their blog. I initially signed up and didn’t see anything that particularly caught my eye and then the Quitter’s Arcade campaign came up and I decided to try the system. The specifications were pretty simple – I had to write a minimum number of words (usually 250) which included a specific link to the Quitter’s Arcade website and I had to mark the post as sponsored.



MMORPG Info Logo Evony Heroes

This is Part Two of our series on how to succeed at Evony without paying money. You should read Part One, City Placement, first.

Evony is a real-time game and the secret is to optimise what your cities are doing and make good use of heroes. Your opponents are doing the same – so you need to be better.

Part Two: Heroes

By now you should have the following in your developed cities:

  • 4 x Cottages level 2
  • Sawmill level 2
  • Inn
  • Sawmill
  • Farm
  • Quarry
  • Ironmine
  • Rally Spot
  • Barracks
  • Feasting Hall

Executive summary: Keep inn at level 1, demolish to reset it. One base stat 65+ hero per stat. Level these three key heroes fast. Keep hero loyalty at 100%.



MMORPG Info Logo City Placement

It isn’t difficult to do well at Evony without paying money. This is a real-time game and the secret is to optimise what your cities are doing and make good use of heroes. Your opponents are doing the same – so you need to be better.

Let’s get started. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo White Knight Chronicles

I received this information about a new game for the PS3, White Knight Chronicles, which is being released this month. The developers, Level-5 and SCE Japan Studio, describe it as “the first true Role-Playing Game on PS3” with a epic fantasy storyline and multiplayer aspects. described it as “like Farmville with boss battles” which is somewhat hard to imagine but could be a winning combination? [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo If Star Trek were like STO….Chapter 1

This is a guest post from Ganga Wolf, who originally posted this onto the Star Trek Online Forums.

Ganga Wolf kindly gave me permission to repost this witty commentary on Star Trek Online. He hopes to have Chapter Two written soon.

Thanks also to Silk for the screenshots.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 90210.1

I have headed out into Romulan space, ready for the missions ahead of me. I start with some patrols because I’m short on time. I set a course for the first system and let the auto-pilot go. I sit back at the Conn and watch as my ship makes the most unusual set of turns and twists, travelling in anything but a straight line to my destination. I ask my science officer if the nav computer has been infected with some sort of virus that causes the ship to walk a straight line like a drunk 3 times over the legal limit. He tells me he put in “Bug report” to the “CS’s at Starfleet Command” but it’s been over a week now and no reply. I shrug and remain thankful that the inertial stabilizers on this ship work, unlike the old Constitution I first commanded that threw everyone from their seats every five seconds…


MMORPG Info Logo SmallRivers

I’ve been invited to test a new networking system called SmallRivers. They describe themselves as “a tool for bloggers to network content and audiences“. At first glance, I thought it was simply another blog circle, linking from one site to the next. But it’s actually more useful than that.

Rather than just a directory of blogs, SmallRivers allows you to choose the network (a form of category) that you wish to post a specific post to. So when someone goes looking around, they can flip through the various networks of interest, see actual posts on the specific subject they asked for, rather than being stuck with rather broad categories attempting to encompass the full blog content.



MMORPG Info Logo How to Play Echo Bazaar

I’ve previously written about the fascinating new Web-game Echo Bazaar in an abstract sense but some people prefer a more solid explanation as to why I’ve not had time to respond to your email regarding the game I’ve been playing. This post is dedicated to those people (Hi Mom!).

Echo Bazaar is basically a choose-your-own-adventure narrative story that you can play on your web browser. You start in Newgate Prison, with a single focus: get out. There is a deck of six cards but you can only look at one. Deal a card and decide what to do: play or discard?

Most cards offer you a choice: it will outline an action or two with your likelihood of success based on your skills. You can choose one which will use up an action or dismiss the card and then discard it and pull another one. Your cards refresh every seven minutes so once you’ve gone through the initial six, you may find that you have to wait a few minutes for more.

Red-bordered cards have a specific effect and use up an action simply by viewing them. Generally, however, you do not use an action by viewing a card. Either way, you’ll need to use up cards and actions to find a way to get out of Newgate Prison.



MMORPG Info Logo I Found Something Odd…

Well, well, well, what have we here?

I’ve tried to piece these together but to no avail…and the script is not one taught in the good houses of Qeynos.


MMORPG Info Logo Powerleveling with Cabbages

The primary way to level in Island Life is to plant crops and harvest them. In most cases, the crops you plant take several hours or days to ripen and gain you experience in three different ways.

First you have to till the land. This costs 10 gold per plot and gains you one experience point. Now you plant your crops gaining up to two experience points per plot and later you harvest them, gaining an extra experience point only if someone has fertilized the plot.

Assuming you wish to level quickly, the answer is cabbages. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Erollisi Day 2010

Hurray: Erollisi Day Returns to Norrath. The live event will last until February 16th, so you have plenty of time for romance.

Holiday Merchants Steven and Douglas can be found in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport with a lovely selection of goods for the lovelorn Norrathian, including volumes 1-3 of the recipe book Romantic Gifts to Craft. The third volume offers brand new recipes to be crafted using the love notes and candies dropping during the week. Conversely, you can hand in the items for coins to use at the Holiday Merchants to buy exciting new items. [More…]