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Serious Quitters’ Arcade is a gaming website aimed at "Serious Quitters" – people who are serious about giving up cigarettes. I’m not quite sure of the connection but I have to admit that when I quit smoking, I was certainly looking for distractions to keep me from thinking about lighting up. Fun flash games seem as good a way to keep your hands busy as anything else.

Sponsored by Pfizer, Quitter’s Arcade has three video games for you to choose from, which have been modified to reinforce negative messages about smoking so you may even find they help to keep you focused on your goal.


There are three simple games based on video arcade classics. You have to give your name and email address to save your highscore on the scoreboard (and you can share your score on Facebook) but you can opt out of the newsletter. I tested this with a custom email address and I can confirm that as yet, I have not received any unwanted emails.

Blast and Quit is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up where your mission is to save your body by fighting off the effects of smoking. You race forward and move up and down the screen with your arrow keys, picking up blue willpower tablets and shooting down those evil addiction monsters.

Bin ‘Um is a mouse-based game with a rubbish bin bouncing around a grid. You need to line up your cigarette-grasping hand with the bin and then use the right amount of power to toss your cigarettes in. It’s more difficult than it sounds but luckily you have six packs to dispose of.

Escape from Planet Smokey is a platform game using the arrow keys to jump around and collect the coins without letting the bad guys blow smoke on you. It’s just as bizarre as it sounds: I’ve embedded the game so that you can see for yourself!

An interesting angle is that all the games are available to embed so if one of these games catches your fancy, you can add it to your blog to share with your friends. The best score on your blog is saved on the Scoreboard at Serious Quitters’ Arcade with your site name, making for an interesting competition amongst bloggers. The designers hope that making the games available this way will be an incentive to pass the word about the campaign and reach more smokers.

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