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The closed beta for Sentinel’s Fate continues and more people have reported receiving invites. Hopefully the expansion is getting thorough testing so that it’s all smooth and slick when it launches in February.

There was a competition to write a haiku about Sentinel’s Fate and/or the continent of Odus and Sixes the Magnificent Webgnome posted an entry:

I want to play golf

In Ruins of Old Paneel

Get The Hole in one.

He’s not the only one thinking about the old haunts from Everquest – The Hole was probably the dungeon I spent the most time in and one of the locations I’m most looking forward to seeing when Sentinel’s Fate goes live. I think it is probably the most discussed zone from Odus and I can’t wait to see how they’ve renovated it for EQ2.

And just to whet my appetite, I received this exclusive screenshot of the dungeon today!

Exclusive Screenshot of The Hole for Taymar!

Click on the image to see it in full-size, high-rez glory! You can also see the previous screenshots of the The Sundered Frontier.

You’ll find more images of the zone scattered around the gaming blogs and I have it on good authority that a preview of the zone will be appearing on EverQuest II Players very soon. There’s already some great quotes and screenshots about the two overland zones: The Sundered Frontier and Stonebrunt Highlands.

At least I can stop talking about “next year’s” expansion – it’s going to be on the live servers next month! Headstart access starts February 16th for those who pre-order the retail box and presumably February 23rd for the rest of us.


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